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    Which Brands Rule Facebook and How They Do It

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    Covario, a search marketing firm and SaaS SEO, published a white paper in 2011 analysing Facebook brands to try figure out which brands ruled the heap and how they did it (by Covario standards anyway). While these statistics are boring for the average layman; for businesses, these are standards to strive for if you want your business to have a good social media presence. Before getting into the crowns to hand out, it’s a good idea to look at how Covario determined the ‘winners’ and what companies go into social media wishing to do.

    Goals for finding Top Brands on Facebook:

    Covario not only checked out which businesses ruled, but also what brands wanted to accomplish. The most common answer (35%) was that companies wanted to use social media to improve sales. The next common answer (24%) was to create engagement and then brand awareness came in at 23%.

    What’s interesting is what is missing from the answers and that is improving customer service. Certainly creating more sales and more followers is important, social media also functions very well as a way to interact with customers, improve their overall experience, learn from them about what to do and what not to do and generally try to make for happy-and loyal-consumers. Perhaps companies do not think of it this as a ‘goal’ because it is so ingrained in them to already to interacting with consumers in order to be successful.

    How Covario Determined the Kings of Social Media Marketing

    So now we know what the brands want, but what does Covario want? The ability of a company to utilize Facebook really well was determined by four targets:

    Reach (40%):

    Number of people following you, how well the number is growing. The reach is divided between follower growth (how quickly and steadily you are growing) and the number of followers you have. The highest follower count is a whopping 35 million; it reaches more houses than the top rated television show!

    Engagement (30%):

    Number of posts, likes and comments/post and applications posted. Engagement basically measures how well followers are using relevant content; likes and comments and how regularly the advertiser posted without going overboard.

    Technical (20%):

    Brand name in title and URL, name in descriptions, connection from home page, use of word ‘official’, how you are presented in the Facebook search. Its how the Facebook page is actually set up in terms of words used (like official) and how well you will show up in a search.

    Reputation (10%):

    Number of negative users in Facebook search and how many pages there are, those do not belong to the company and could cause them trouble such as silly fan pages that contribute a negative image.

    There could also have been a ‘people talking about this’ metric that shows the share rate of content, but it could be that at the time the white paper was published, this metric was pretty new. It could also be lumped under engagement.

    Top Facebook Brands

    does facebook like your brand Which Brands Rule Facebook and How They Do It

    Source: http://i.marketingprofs.com/assets/images/daily-data-point/does-fb-like-your-brand-covario-small.jpg

    All right, here is where we get into it! 100 brands were graded and given a score for each one of the main four factors. A final score was given to each brand on a scale of 0-100.

    Coco cola facebook fan page Which Brands Rule Facebook and How They Do It

    The overall winner was Coca-Cola. It enjoys a 2.6% growth rate and a strong presence on Facebook. It has regular posting (about 2/week) and plenty of engagement with customers with no negative reputation. Its weakest point is engagement despite the regular posting, though it is still stronger than many companies are. It’s best score was in reputation.

    The Best Engagement prize went to Walmart. It has huge reach and very high comment and like count. Each post has on average 7,390 comments and 726 likes! That is pretty huge and it is unlikely that Walmart will be taken down from that throne anytime soon.

    Other notable companies include:

    1. Hyundai (highest scores Reputation and technical structure)
    2. MTV (Technical structure and reputation)
    3. Bayer (perfect 100 in Reputation and Technical structure, but has a long way to go in engagement)
    4. Sony (perfect in reputation and technical structure, but a long, long way to go in Reach)
    5. Victoria’s Secret (perfect reputation, but on sub par engagement)

    Aside from showing the top names in Facebook use, Covario has shown where companies can improve and what smaller fish can learn from the big fish. For example, it is important for small businesses to not only concentrate on their reach, but also on engagement and to make sure that they have a good reputation and a properly set out page. It takes quite a bit of work (and money), but a good presence on Facebook can pay back in spades with happy consumers, a growing consumer base and overall, greater success which is what all companies want in the long run.


    Facebook is a serious platform for marketers and promoting your brand. More over, it’s one of the cost-effective way to directly connect to your consumer and customers. Though, when it comes to standing out on Facebook, along with regular posting, taking care of engagement and user sentiments are one of the essential element for good branding.


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    Shorya Bist

    Hi Shantanu,

    Very nice article and well researched.Reach ,Engagement,technical,Reputation this all determine growth on facebook i totally agree with you and the Ratio you have mentioned.

    Nice post!

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
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    Tauseef Alam


    According to me regular posting on your page keeping your followers in mind works best when it comes to FB engagement. The same these companies are doing so far. The best part i noticed in coca-cola fb page, they publish post which emotionally hit there page followers and that resulted a like or share .



    Really nice post, it’s very important to follow newest trend in social networks, right now fb is implementing new search engine, which will help to target exact business, location and more.


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