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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative way of earning huge money online. Globally, there are thousands of affiliate marketers out there, but to establish your name as an affiliate marketer requires consistency and you need to give something back to the community. Dekh created an infographic of Top affiliate marketers around the globe, and if you are into affiliate marketing or blogging, you should definitely know about them. Below I have added the infographic and links to these affiliate marketers blog, where you can learn something new every day.

Top Affiliate marketers and blogs you should follow – Infographic

Here are some interesting facts about Affiliate marketing from this infographic:

  • 78% Affiliates use SEO as their marketing strategy.
  • 69% Affiliates promote consumer related products.
  • 60% Affiliates work from home.
  • 50% affiliates earn less than $10000/year
  • 47% affiliates promote less than 10 products.
  • 3.3% affiliates earn more than $500,000/year

You can click on image to see the large view of this infographic:

Top Affiliate Marketer

Here are the list of top Affiliate marketers with their Blog address. I suggest you to follow these marketers to learn more from them:

  1. Mark ling: @Affilorama
  2. Missy Ward : @MissyWard
  3. Shawn Collins : @AffiliateTip
  4. Kirsty Mccubbin: @AffiliateStuff
  5. John Chow: @John Chow
  6. Sarah Bundy: @Allinclusivemarketing
  7. Rae Hoffman: @Sugarrae
  8. Zac Johnson:  @ZacJohnson
  9. DC Fawcett: @ParamountdigitalPublishing
  10. Ian Fernando: @IanFernando
  11. Matthew Woodward: @MatthewWoodward
  12. Pat Flynn: @Smartpassiveincome

This list is not in any order, but if you are looking to learn more about affiliate marketing, above 12 are good source of inspiration and also you can follow their blog to learn more from their experience.

How many of these affiliate bloggers you know of? Are you missing someone in the list, do let me know which affiliate marketer you are following and others should follow too. Don’t forget to share this info graphic with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. V Srinivasan says

    Hi Harsh,

    Kudos to Dekh team and you Harsh for posting this inspiring topic. Each one of them has distinct promotional techniques that brought them to the limelight in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

  2. Sagar Rai says

    Hi Harsh,

    I believe affiliate marketing work for the business and the affiliate.

    It allows the enterprise to have free promotion while it can make decent allowance of cash for the affiliate.

    It has lasted because of one reason – it simply works.


  3. Sumit Chhikara says

    Oh great Harsh. These marketers are rocking the internet. I just know 4 of them. I am great fan of matthew woodward. As he has created a popular blog in very short time. John chow and zac johnson are also nice.

    Thanks for this share

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