Top 8 Online Free map Applications to find any Geographical Location

I am a VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) Engineer so I am always fascinated by maps and different online map services. GPS devices are the backbone of vehicle tracking but without quality map it is useless .There are numerous companies who provide map services but among them very few are reliable. In this article I am exploring

some fantastic map services.


In my next article I will write about most demanding GPS devices in the world and how vehicles are being tracked by these GPS devices. Most of you know about Google maps since it is the most accurate map service present in the planet.But here I am exploring some unique map applications which will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for later user.

1) Feedmap: Using FeedMap you can geo-code your blog, browse already geo-coded blogs and search for blogs. Once geo-coded, you can get your own BlogMap location using a simple URL that allows you to network with your local bloggers and much more. The service also has a widget for bloggers which you an use on your blog.


2)Geo IP Tool:With the use of Geo IP Tool you can see your IP address and geographical location details. This will be handy to see any IP location on Map.

3)Wayfaring: Wayfaring is amazing tool.You can only experience the fun by using it. You can create personalized maps, Share them with your friends. Explore maps created by others. Connect and collaborate. See the image for an example. You can tag any location on map and embed them on your blog as a reference. This will be very helpful at the time on organizing any meetup or sharing any location for meeting via map.


4)Yahoo Local:Yahoo! Local is a comprehensive business directory for cities complete with ratings and reviews, maps, events, and more. Find a florist, the best restaurant, and even shoe repair in your city.


5)Flagr: Bookmark the Real World from online or right from your mobile phone! Add Pictures. Upload or send them from a camera phone! Invite Your Friends. Know where all your friends go. The service also give you an option to add Image, Video and description to any map location.

6)Google Map:The most powerful map tool present on the web, you can see your home by typing an address of your home,fascinates many users in its first glance.If you want to see the location of a place where you never went then this service can provide you all the details including all the possible way to go there.Awesome service,highly recommended.

7)Placeopedia:You can connect Wikipedia articles with places, and then make use of our database either to browse, or syndicate the whole lot. Connecting Wikipedia article with places means you can find the article of a particular place on a map in Wikipedia. Its interesting,just check it out.


8)Gvisit:   This online tool is usually for bloggers to track your visitors geographical location. Track visitors to your website using Google Maps.Copy and paste a single line of JavaScript to your website.You will be given your own URL that lets you track the visitors to your website using Google Maps.

Do let us know your favorite online map application?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. marioboc says

    I need a way to map my appointments in a city.
    Added needs:
    integrate to the mapped appointment details about the appointemnt (a weblink to another internet page for example)
    integrating the mapped appointment with an agenda…
    I am trying GOOGLE: google calendar + my maps BUT DOES NOT ALLOW WHAT i am needing

  2. Sathish says

    Haven’t tried any of these except Google Maps. Well, I am not fascinating about viewing my city in an online Map so I don’t think that I am gonna check the other tools. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  3. himanshu says

    @Chetan If you want to view Indian cities then you must go for Google maps as it is highly recommended by me. Other services are also useful but they are not particularly for watching map of cities, you can have fun with those services by other ways :-)

  4. Chetan says

    Many of the above listed services didn’t show detailed view of Indian cities, there must be some local service for this purpose, but still the list provided by you is nice and very useful. :)

  5. Michael Aulia says

    Google maps is still my favorite online map application. Perhaps because I’m already get used to it. Haven’t tried the others but I love Google Map (eespecially the Street view to go to places that I haven’t been before).
    Wish the photos can be updated in real time though heh heh