Top 5 Community sites for Web Designers

Community Sites For Designer
Apart from typing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, a web designer needs to do a lot of other things like reading magazines and blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends, check out other websites for some inspiration and also read the news to know about what’s happening in the design industry.

Well, one can find hundreds of blogs and websites related to web designing. But, I always feel that it is better to interact with a community of people with similar interests. In a community one can interact with other designers, get feedback & help on their projects, check out the latest news and trends in the design industry and much more.

5 useful community sites for Web Designers

1. Dribbble


Dribbble is a place where developers and designers can show the world what they are currently working on. The concept is pretty simple. Here, the designers a.k.a the players share shots(screenshots) of the project they are currently working on. Spectators as well as other players, can like as well as comment on your shots.

You can link 2 shots or follow up your shots with rebounds (i.e a shot in reply to another shot). When multiple players rebound to your shot, then it becomes a playoff. Dribbble is a really nice place for designers to interact with each other and also receive opinions on their projects. However, it is an invite only site. To join this site, you will have to first sign up as a spectator and explore the site, until a player invites you.


2. Designmoo


Designmoo is a community for discovering and sharing great looking design resources such as fonts, illustrations, web layouts, UI elements, icons, textures, etc. It provides a centralized location to find high quality design resources.

The site is pretty simple and easy-to-use. Designers who are interested to join the community can sign up for free and share their design resources. One can like as well as comment on the works of other designers.


3. DesignBump


DesignBump is a user driven social content website that specializes in design related topics. It contains a large collection of links on different topics of designing. It is a really good source of information for professionals as well as amateurs. Users can submit links, comment on links as well as bump (similar to “like” on Facebook) other links. The concept of this site is similar to Digg, except that it is focused on design related content.


4. Designfloat


Designfloat is a community for web designers and web developers where they can seek as well as share fresh industry news, useful articles and inspirational round-ups. This site is similar to DesignBump, where users can submit a story, comment on other stories, “float” the story they like and also “sink” the ones they dislike. Basically, the community decides what content is submitted and which ones are made popular.


5. Design:related

Design Related

design:related is a community site for designers and creatives that lets you easily create your portfolios, get inspiration, interact with other designers and find job opportunities.

It motivates designers and other creatives to share their work and visual ideas, network and collaborate with other designers. You can favourite as well comment on works of other designers. However, similar to Dribbble you need to request an invitation to join this site.


If you happen to know any other community sites dedicated to web designing, share it to us via the comments section.

Image Credits : Sachin Shelar

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Suneel says

    This list definitely gave me a few pointers in identifying more resources. Will be bookmarking for future reference. I usually visit deviantart for creative inspiration and suggest a few changes to my designers.

  2. Bhaveek says

    hi karthik, its really helpful for a guy like me as i always pay for website designing. Now i have started to learn designing.

    • Karthik P says

      Nice. :) I found the concept of dribbble really very interesting. It’s a really useful website to share your design as well as receive feedback on them. So, are you a player on dribbble?

  3. rakesh kumar says

    Thanks kartik as a designer we all the time want some good sites for inspiration. These have some very good designs.

    • Karthik P says

      You’re welcome Rakesh. Even, I’ve been using sites like designmoo to help me in designing. It’s a really nice site to get design resources.