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Top 3 Facebook Social Games

Top 3 Facebook Social Games

Facebook Social GamesFacebook Social games, is one of the key success point for Facebook games. The head of social games on Facebook would undoubtedly be Zynga. With over 15 social games available on Facebook, they have definitely turned Facebook as a gaming platform for many Facebook users. One of the reason I joined Facebook was because of Mafia wars. That was one of the first few Facebook social games, that went viral and after that Zynga released more social games, which completely changes the way we used to play games on Facebook.

What are Facebook social games?

Social as name suggests, it’s a game which is played with group of people. Facebook revolutionized the way we used to play traditional game earlier. Facebook integrated social games like Mafia wars, Cityville, Farmville, which you play with your friends over Facebook platform. All these games are seamlessly integrated with Facebook and when you play social games on Facebook, you will be actually playing games with your Facebook friends over internet.  Needless to mention, Facebook social games are multi-player game, else it would miss out the essence of word social. Social games are usually designed by keeping every age group in the mind and it’s usually not like “Hardcore games”, but turn by turn game, which keep going on for long.

I have to say that Zynga has a big hand for getting a large number of gaming population on Facebook. There are hundreds of social games available on Facebook which has certainly makes it difficult for an online gamer to choose which games he/she should play and what games are needed to be skipped. This post would contain the top 3 Facebook social games available on Facebook. Let me tell you on what basis were the top 3 games decided. The first two depend on their monthly usage (till 1st July 2011) and the last one is from  my personal experience. I have not added Farmville as it already created quite a buzz by copying CityVile concept.I hope you will like and enjoy the post.

My Favorite Social Games on Facebook:

1. Cityville

It’s Zynga, of course. Before we talk about the game let me tell you a bit info, Zynga has the top 4 games in Facebook and Cityville is on the top. Cityville is a game where you have an objective of creating a city and becoming a mayor. Creating a city goes through certain levels. You buy buildings, earn cash, invest the cash and more. The goal is building a city. This game is definitely fun at beginning, exciting in middle and boring in the end. I assume all of Zynga social games are like that. Getting back to Cityville, this game was launched on 2nd December 2010 and in just 23 days after the launch, this game overtook the blockbuster game Farmville and since then, it has managed to keep the lead. This game has over 80,102,161 monthly users and is reigning on the top. This game has around 90 levels till now which may increase with the gap of time.


2. Empires and Allies

The new game is here and it is definitely rocking. In just one month, it took out Farmville from its second place and took the place. What do we get to know about Zynga with this? Zynga has definitely got a great reach. Getting over 44,952,433 monthly users in almost two months in not easy. Empires and Allies shocked the world when they took out Farmville and everybody was stunned to see the sheer pace of this new game. This is the first ever combat and strategy game designed by Zynga. Many people have considered this game to be the biggest game launched by Zynga and who knows, it might be. Many new and great features have been added to make this game better and faster. The growth and the success is undoubtedly showing that. Zynga is totally dominating the social gaming market not only on Facebook but on the whole internet.


3. Who Has the Biggest Brain?

This is the game which I have picked to be in this top 3 games. This game concentrates on increasing your IQ and knowledge plus it is a social game so you can compete with your friends over the games to see who has the bigger brain. This game takes you through four levels(actually four different games), then analyzes your score in all the four games and tells you the size of your brain(according to your performance) and with whom is your brain matching. The games depend on four categories – calculation, memory, logic and visual. The game is nice, useful and fast-paced which makes it great in all cases. It is just lacking some huge support from the Facebook users with just 305,716 monthly users.


What do you think about these three Facebook social games? Which one is your favorite Facebook game these days?

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  • Mani

    I haven’t tried “Who Has the Biggest Brain” game so going to tried it.

  • Muhammad Ali

    “Who Has the Biggest Brain?” is one of the best games on facebook. No offense but CityVille and other zynga are just waste of time (I know entertaining) as you just have to wait for things to makeup. If you want to play something like “Empires and Allies” go Play “Age of Empires III” you will learn a lot that you could possible never learn with “Empires and Allies”. It really makes your mind sharp.

  • Tushar

    i have not heard of the third game till date. Will try it very soon.
    thanks for sharing

  • Bhaveek

    I just love cityville, before i started blogging I played this game a lot. Actually I used to spend more than 6 hours on cityville game over facebook.

  • Irfan

    CityVille was my favorite but Empires and Allies is surpassing both FarmVille and cityville users in short time. It shows craze of people for game on FB. I have written a honest review on my blog.

  • KBharath @ HDBloggers

    Yes as mentioned Cityville is a real Top Game on Facebook i have Played it and I was so much addicted to this game and it took me some to get out from this Gaming Mind.


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