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    Top 3 SEO Questions From Client

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    seo business Top 3 SEO Questions From ClientHaving a company that specifies in doing search engine optimization or working for one means you have to answer some questions from clients eventually. You can’t expect people who hired you to know as much as you or more than you do. There are clients that don’t ask a lot of questions and then there are the ones who don’t stop asking questions. However, you have to show a little patience and try to explain what they want to know. This is important if you want to have a strong relationship with your clients.

    Most asked SEO questions by clients

    1. WWW or non-WWW?

    This is a common question clients ask as often they wonder whether their site should have the www in front of it or not. It is easier to decide that when it comes to a brand new site. That is usually up to your clients to decide how they like it better. However, if the site is more established, the first thing you should check and choose the domain with the most incoming links. Another way to determine what is best is to see what your client is ranking for. Is the site showing up with www or no? Find out and choose the best option.

    2.What to do with the 404s?

    This question is usually asked by most of the clients I work with and I am sure you have heard it too. The best advice you can give your customers is to check and find out what the source of those 404s is. Knowing the source will make fixing the problem much easier. A great way to find the source is to use the SEOmoz web app. What this will do is make a list with your client’s website issues where you will be able to locate those 404s. The best thing to do after locating the 404s is fixing the source links. If they are external you can simply fix the page.

    3.Why is only 1 page crawled?

    Well, this can be a tough question to answer but most of the times the reason is the website. I have seen website that have absolutely no links on their front page. This might sound outrageous but it has happened. If there are no links on the front page no search engine will be able to crawl anything more than just that. Another thing that might be the reasons is if the website is made in Flash. This can be much more beautiful than plain HTML but extremely hard to crawl. Good thing is that the search engines are getting better at it.

    Expect that kind of questions when working with clients that have no idea what SEO is, but they want to increase the revenue from their website. As I said, be patient with them although sometimes this might be hard. Try to give them the full answers they deserve and that would work in your advantage in the long-term.

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    kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Thanks for sharing this Questions with good answers.



    Appears to be silly matters alot to impress the clients. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.



    The first question www or non-www is the most asked question




    Me also faced the same kind of questions form my clients :)


    shyam jos

    no matter www or non-www


    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    With or without www, does it make any difference to SEO? I don’t think so…


    Lyuben Georgiev

    Actually, I meant redirect one to the another, because if you do not do that, duplicate content issues are likely to appear. When choosing which version to leave, consider the one with most backlinks :)


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    I am not into the SEO business. But I will get prepared myself, before I enter the arena. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.


    Lyuben Georgiev

    Well this seems a bit rushed conclusion, because if your website is full with client errors, missing meta description, duplicate or missing page titles and you had not placed the redirects properly – no off site SEO will help you to get high rankings (since every SEO wants to get his or hers website in top 10 at least).


    Vijayraj Reddy

    Ya, WWW or non-WWW? is the popular que in SEO… thx for the tips…


    Lesja Gonchar

    I always use google webmaster tool to struggle with broken links (404). the only problem is deley between actual 404 quantity displaying and detected 404s.


    vijay khare

    The major search engines have the ability to determine the www and non-www versions are the same and combine the results (passing all the benefit to just one version), but occasionally it fails and we see both versions indexed, we call this a www/non-www canonical issue. This is bad for the site owner since link benefit (PR/incoming links) is shared over two sites (making it harder to gain competitive SERPs).

    Hope it will help…


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