Top 3 Reasons to Choose BlogSpot Over WordPress

BlogSpot Over WordPressSearch Google(or any search engine) for “Blogger vs WordPress”. 9/10 people would say that WordPress is better than Blogger. And I don’t deny the fact, but it’s wrong to say BlogSpot is bad. BlogSpot may not offer as many features as WordPress, but for a novice blogger, BlogSpot have it’s own advantage.

When people face criticism for blogging at Blogger, they don’t really know what to say in their favor and hence make the change without any thought. This is bad, totally bad. When you cannot stand in support of your blogging platform, then it is a shame.

Benefits of BlogSpot platform:

1. It’s Free!

People, eespecially in India, are fond of freebies. Blogger is free. No domain required(Even though a domain is suggested after the blog is success), no hosting and anything like that. You get all the blogging experience for free unlike WordPress. Also, if your blog is a failure, you don’t lose a single penny.

Blogger is totally free and never asks for a penny. All the features are free other than buying a domain(you can buy domain directly from blogger). So, whenever someone tells you the goodness of WordPress, tell them that they are paying for WP goodness but you aren’t paying for Blogger goodness.

2. Easier

Definitely! For a long gap of time, there was a chat that which blogging platform is easier. Of all the reviews I have read(7 reviews), all of them have said that BlogSpot is easier than WordPress. After using both the blogging platforms, even I decided blogspot is easier to use over WordPress.

Recently, a friend of mine told me that he wants to switch his blog to WordPress so he wants to test it once. I gave him the details of my WordPress blog which I rarely use(I have 4 WP blogs). He tried it and kept asking me what to do, what are plugins and all that. It took me some time to explain the meanings to him but eventually, he decided to stay with Blogger just because of the easiness.

3. Google

Google, the most famous name on the internet. Google, the best search engine on the internet. When Google is with Blogger, that would be definitely a great point for Blogger. Google is always doing one thing or the other with its services. Recently, they redesigned Blogger(in which gave Blogger a lot of attraction.

Then they also announced the name change of Blogger to Google Blogs. Google will also integrate Blogger to Google+, as the rumors say. That means that Google gives Blogger a lot of attraction by their reach and that’s the third and the final point for which you should choose Blogger over WordPress.

Editors note: Though when it comes to professional Blogging, I would always recommend WordPress over BlogSpot. Though as a new/first blog, BlogSpot is one of the best place to start or you can also start from blogs. I would suggest you to read:

So, what do you think which blogging platform is better? Do you think that Blogger stands a chance in front of WordPress? Do comment.

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COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. Jerome Shaw says

    I have had good success using the Google / Blogger platform.

    The integration of comments into the Google+ platform is a definite plus for search. There are a few things I wish were available for Blogger that you can find easily for WordPress such as a SEO plug in similar to Yoast. I’d also like to find a template that has a drop down menus and more flexible designs for advertising in the header section but all in all I am please with how Travel Boldly performs.

    Since we redesigned the site and cleaned up the links and coding last September we have seen almost a half-million page views in 9 months and will break the 100,000 page view per month barrier in May.

  2. Abhi says

    Even Blogger is free It lags behind WP in terms of Plugins and Features of WP.

    Serious and professional bloggers should choose WP Only

  3. says

    i am a blogger user and satisfied with it, but where we talk about the interface, plugins and the overall look of the WordPress themes then is far superior than the blogger, benefit with blogger that its very user friendly and easy to use.

  4. Hasitha says

    Yep… is a time wasting framework for non-techie bloggers. With blogger you can start a blog & start posting right away. but with you need to know about php,html,css,… + how they interact with wordpress system, hosting, security etc. But offer more flexibility than blogger for building CMS like web sites and advanced optimizations.
    They both are good. (outstanding), have their own pros and cons.
    I suggest if you are willing to start blog (not website) & don’t know much about php things or looking for a free :-) start >> GO FOR BLOGGER.
    Otherwise you know php,css (little knowledge enough for starting a blog) & willing to “invest” money for a “online business” (have a big dream)
    looking for a kick start >> GO FOR WP.ORG
    My favorite method (& advice) is start a blog with blogger. later you can easily learn things and how it different with blogger. anytime you can migrate to wordpress from blogger (vice versa)
    Finally it’s your choice.

  5. Hussain says

    Blogger is best because it’s free and easy to use and i agree with Vijay after you get some good income from blogger you can switch to word press.

  6. Vijayraj Reddy says

    Blogger is best to begin blogging career and after you get good income from blogging you can switch to wordpress, infact almost all popular bloggers started with blogspot…

  7. Rajib Kumar says

    I am with blogger because its free. Blogger is also easier than wordpress. Thanks for your post.

  8. Amit says

    I would always prefer wordpress if you doing professional blogging ,if you doing it as a hobby you can use blogger..Thanks for the post

  9. vikas@niche bloggers says

    I also preferred blogger when I was using it.. but now I’m in love with WordPress…

  10. KBharath @ HDBloggers says

    I just cant say which one is best but i can say one thing that all the popular bloggers started their blogs first on Blogger by Google and then only they migrated to wordpress do anyone agree with this.

  11. Mukund says

    Yup! I love blogger! In fact, a blogger geek:) I love the flexibility that blogger offers when it comes to design:)

    • Jarret says

      Wow Mukund. I just visited your site–not quite the typical blogger design. It actually looks like a blogger version of Shout Me Loud. Now, I’ve dabbled with blogger and I’m sure that it’s definitely not easy to do.

      I’ve found that though I can make sliders and stuff with Blogger, it ends up being a pain having to manually change the links to update the slider.

      As for your site, I can’t believe you’ve done that with blogger. Except for the blogger favicon and commenting system, it looks like a WP theme.

      • Mukund says

        Bull’s eye! Yes! Even I feel the commenting system is the only stuff that I should work on! I hope the blogger team considers that same. A threaded comments section would be awesome on blogger.

        Hmmm! I accept! Little painful when to try to change links manually but, we can tweak a lot when it comes to design on blogger. I feel WordPress is slightly complex (php coding). Haven’t tried the same!

        Anyway, thanks for the comment buddy!

  12. Zenil Shroff says

    Nice post but it seems you’re comparing blogger with self hosted wordpress, well there is no comparison i must say, if you want to give good comparison to your readers then compare blogspot with free wordpress, i.e vs

    • Vinayak Nagri says

      Well, if we compare and, blogger would win easily but if we compare and, blogger’s winning chances are decreased to a certain level. That’s why I compared blogger to so that people can know that blogger is also good in some levels when compared to

  13. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    I am on blogger & have NO plans to migrate to WP. The new Blogger (draft) has got some of the best & professional looking templates. Also, its evolving almost everyday :) Bloggers SEO, design etc… almost everything is at par WP :)

  14. Emma Geraln says

    I agree, it’s free and easy to use. WordPress is complicated, I have limited time and simply couldn’t be bothered with WordPress. It’s not that I couldn’t work it out I just don’t see the point. If at some point I find I ‘can’t do things I need to do’ I’ll rethink.