10 Must Know Google Plus Tips For Better Marketing

It’s been few months since the launch of Google Plus. Few called it “Another Facebook, or Facebook Alternative” ” while you few said it is not. Well, as far as webmasters and web designers, Google+ is just another social networking site wherein you connect with people via circles to drive targeted traffic (reach specific audiences) to your blog. So, in this article, I would list down few Google plus tips and tricks which might be helpful to you. So, let’s get started…

Google Plus Tips

Top 10 Google plus Tips and Tricks:

1. Mention Someone Using “@” or “+”

To mentioned someone on your post or comment, just type the starting letter in their name  preceded with “@” or “+” and you can choose the person from the suggested list.  Well, more  the letters you type, the easier it becomes to find the person.

2. Mention “People not in your circles ” Using “+”

If you wish to mention a person who is not in your circle, then get the Google+ Id of the person. That is navigate to their profile and look at the URL in your address bar which should be something like the one below.


TipEliminate “https://plus.google.com/“. The left out number is the Google Id which I said. Now, use this number preceded with a + symbol to mention them in your post. For example, +117420368760274729369 and write your content out. Take a look at the screen shot above to better understand about the same.

3. Write in bold or italic or strike

Well, this is pretty interesting one. To write something in bold, all you need to do is add an asterisks before and after the word. For example, to make “Mukund” in bold, you need to type*Mukund*. Similarly, to make them appear in italic, you need to add underscores before and after the word (Example: _Mukund_). To create the strike effect, use hyphen before and after the word (Example: -Mukund-).

4. Import Friends From Facebook

You may import your facebook friends to Google+ using Facebook Friend Exporter – an extension used for Google Chrome. It is recommended that you disable the other chrome extensions working with Facebook before using this one for perfect results – said by the extension developers.

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5. Scroll Up and Down

Well, instead of the regular scroll using your mouse or “Up-Down” arrows, you can scroll your Google+ feed using the keys “j” and “k”. “j” refers to a scroll down while “k” refers to scroll up.

6. Delete or Edit your Posts

Unlike Facebook wherein you have an option only to remove your post, you can edit or delete your posts on Google+. To do so, just hit the small arrow icon on the top right. You may refer to the screen shot below to better understand about the same.


7. +1 Personalization

This option is very similar to the like button on Facebook. You can choose, whether or not to display names next to the Google+ button. Instead of the text that says “Mukund, Harsh Agarwal and Other 20 +1’d this”, we can display “22people +1’d this” – similar to Facebook like button, using +1 personalization. Navigate to the link mentioned earlier, and choose the option between “Enable” or “Disable”. I have it enabled. How about you? Let me know your answer via comments:)

8. Set Your Language

You may set the language just by hitting the pulley like icon at the top right corner and hit the link that says ‘Google+ Settings” and navigate  to Languages tab. Now, set the language to the one of your choice. Simple! Isn’t it?

9. Set Your Notifications

Well, it is very important that you set proper notifications on the Settings page. If not, your inbox will be full. Lol:) Just navigate to the following link – Settings, and uncheck the ones you don’t want to see in your inbox. By default, all boxes are checked. So, uncheck them as per your need.

10.Google+ Photo Editor

There’s a small photo editor hidden in Google Plus. Well, to access the same, just follow this path “Google+ Settings >> Account Overview >> Edit Profile >> Change Photo”. Once you upload a new photo, you’ll find an option in blue that says “Edit in Picnik”. So, this is the photo editor which I mentioned. You may tweak your photos with the same.

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We will keep updating this article with latest Google plus tips and tricks. Don’t forget to circle us on Google+ for more updates.

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  1. Florian says

    I discovered that Google+ Communities are a very good source to find new readers for my blog. I’m in a German Community for the Nexus 4 Smartphone. I wrote an article about must-have apps for that particular device and posted it in that community – without having in mind to get 1000 klicks. I just wanted to help people. I think in some cases you cannot find a better target group then a Google+ Community. Because people there are very commited to the niche of that community. This seems to work better for me than posts forums. I will keep that one in mind :)

  2. Mukund says

    @Kavya Hari: Yup! I hope I provide unique content like the one above and I hope you comment on a regular basis, as well, like you do now:)

    @Sumanth Kumar: Yup! Glad that you liked it. Thanks for the comment!

    @abogados Miami: Yup! Same here! Heard the pros and cons! But, I still will not conclude because Google+ is not yet complete.

    @Aries: Well, even I love the way circles work. Helps me to share details in an organized manner.

    @Jasmeet Singh: Hmmm! You need to note that Google+ is not yet complete. So, I hope they make the changes where they should – like the one you mentioned:)

  3. Jasmeet Singh says

    Very informative article :) but Google+ still lacks some important features of Social networking For eg. The chat list is Google+ is only available on the ‘Home’.

  4. Aries says

    Google+ is simply another social networking site, does not offer more as what already available similar services do. To be honest personally I will stick in Google+ more often than FB because of the circles ability. Anyway thanks for the FB to Google+ friends importer, I need it.

  5. abogados Miami says

    I have heard many positive and negative comments about Google +
    knew the truth had no options that do not have facebook I think each one has its particular
    According to me far outweigh facebook google + I see that almost the same.
    I really want to thank you for this informative article.
    so return often!

  6. Sumanth Kumar says

    Nice post mukund..facebook friend exporter extension is awesome…exporting fb friends..thanks for the share..

  7. Kavya Hari says

    Those tips and tricks will be more helpful to get accurate data on here :) At the time, have to import friends from Facebook into Google plus. Its easy way to import friends from other media into the Google plus. So, these type of data will be more helpful to us :)