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    Top 10 Overlooked SEO Tips

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    Optimizing your website for search engines can seem a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of advanced SEO tips that we feel are not featured enough in other Top 10 lists. Google does not have an overly complicated formula. If you have a website with great content that other sites like (link to) and your website is easy for its spiders to crawl freely through then you’ll do well in their search results.

    SEochecklist Top 10 Overlooked SEO Tips

    Here are out Top 10 SEO Tips that are overlooked.
    Submit your sitemap(s) to Google using their Webmaster Tools which will show you how often your site is crawled and indexed. If you have a website will a large number of pages in different sub-folders (eg. A folder for SEO posts, a folder for Web Design) then add a sitemap for each sub-folder that lists the pages in that folder. Create a Master Sitemap that links to the Mini Sitemaps so that Google can crawl through your site easier and find all the pages. This is better than having one massive sitemap that takes too long to crawl.

    Get to the Root
    Instead of “website.co.uk/folder/folder/folder/page3.html” use “website.co.uk/social-media-tips.html” It improves your rank strength if the keywords you’re trying to rank for are nearer the root of the domain.

    Virtual Theming –
    If any of your articles mention a keyword or phrase that you’ve written about in another article then use that as an anchor text. For example if you have written the word “SEO Adviceand you’ve another article on SEO Advice then link to it. Google loves internal linking as it helps its spider crawl through your website. However, don’t do it more than 3-5 times per page.

    Broken Links –

    Search engine spiders do not like being led to a dead end so consistently check your website for broken links. Webmaster Tools have a feature for this.

    Stemming –

    Keyword stemming is simply having a page returned for multiple results. It is not something I can cover in a few sentences so here is a thorough explanation of how to do keyword stemming.

    Canonical Tags –

    Canonical tags can be used to resolve duplication issues, as the tag states which version of the page should be indexed by the search engines.

    Optimize your Code–

    The code within a website should be optimized by cleaning any errors found by the W3C Validator. Similar to our broken links point it is about making sure spiders can flow freely through your site. Any code which could potentially be blocking search engine spiders should be fixed.

    Older Pages

    Link to any new pages from older more established pages on your site. These pages are, hopefully, already recognized by search engines as being of importance and linking to older pages is an important SEO factor, as explained in our Virtual Theming point.

    Avoid Flash

    Search engines struggle to crawl flash, so therefore less pages in the website will be indexed. Many people are already raising the point that Flash may become redundant soon.

    Analysis –

    Get Google Analytics installed and start to understand what keywords people are finding your website with. Can you easily get higher up the rankings for these keywords? It is also vital to document whether your SEO efforts are getting the results you want.

    Do you have any other SEO tips to share?


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    Ayush Chand

    Really good work guys! Appreciate the share!



    These are definately overlooked by many blogger because they are not aware of it importance. Nice post Harsh


    Rahul malik

    M about to start a new blog. Will try to ensure that i keep these points in mind.



    There are basic tips and but why you named: Overlooked ?



    Hi Punama,
    I personally do a lot of SEO searches on Google to find the latest tips and advice and these 10 tips are some that I’ve not come across very frequently. I then spoke with some SEO specialists and they confirmed that these tips will help boost rank strength in search engines.



    Vivek Parmar

    linking to old post is quite necessary so that your new page will easily indexed by search engine



    Thanx . . .another content page for my seo tutorial


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Mate,
    I would appreciate if you comment with your name and not a keyword. This way author will also feel connected to you and this is also helpful for your personal branding.


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hey James, I am regular reader of SEO kinda articles and I must say that this one is entirely different from others. People think that these tips are basics and they are overlooking it, but its a mistake. Thanks for sharing it with us.



    some of the tips are very basic and are difintely not “OverLooked” but couple of them are overlooked like Canonical Tags and Code optimization (specially split testing)


    Lee Ka Hoong

    All the SEO tips over are looking good and I think some of these are basic seo tips, but it’s important to understand before we go into depth. Indexation by submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster tool is good, I realize that many people like to submit their website URL to google, they think that their website can be indexed faster than waiting for Google to crawl their site, it’s definitely wrong and it’s not the right step though.

    I would suggest people to write in more content into the blog, then leave a few comment in others blog, or guest posting and add a link into the guest post, that would help and more effectiveness than submitting URL to Google.

    Nice post James.




    Good tips, canonical tags are probably the most common overlook of the points but I’m sure we are all guilty of overlooking some of them.



    Nice tips……get rid of broken links always help me getting a perfect SEO…


    Bilal Ahmad@Ninja Affiliate

    Internal linking is very important. As this is the easiest way to get links for your posts.



    i accept with sathish, this is something unique especially keyword stemming etc

    Flash is a good point, spider cannot crawl a .swf



    Can I use header as Flash.Will it have any negative effect.Please help.



    Avoiding Flash is a very good point, it indeed helps the site load faster and hence any search engine would love it.



    Avoiding unnecessary widgets also helps blog loading speed.For better SEO we need make our blog as simple.



    I dont agree to your point Get to Root
    you can give ur urls as blog/cat/url
    In this way, you can get 1 keyword as cat also




    I’ve found that commentluv is really good for linking older pages to newer ones. Every time I get a comment on an older post I use commentluv to link to a newer one. Probably not the best way to do it but it’s certainly the easiest way.

    I also use a related link plugin to link newer posts to older posts. I’ve also found this helps the bounce rate as people interested in a certain topic are more likely to read ones that are related to it.


    Susan@Home Workouts

    Thanks for the great reminders of all the easy things we can do that we often forget when it comes to SEO. I usually try to focus on keywords and just optimize for them as best as possible. Once you start doing that and adding article after another, you usually start to get a nice flow of traffic.



    Well, Keywords Research is the primary activity, but before doing this, you may also add up one more step of writing the content before discovering the important key phrase to be kept for the content.


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