Top Hollywood Movies On Hacking

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Top Hollywood Movies On Hacking

Hacking is an art for some, for some it’s fun and for some it’s serious-tech stuff. For many people, hacking small Email account is hacking and for some taking down a nation a hacking. For me, it’s knowledge and it’s safeguarding yourself from potential intruders. Normally, hacking is social engineering and if you are landed here to watch some awesome movies on Hacking, you must be aware of what social engineering is. Anyways, The movie listed below doesn’t teach you how to hack, but these movies are good enough to inspire/motivate you for hacking.

Also see:

I don’t say, they all are the best one, but certainly they are the top in the hacking movies list and may be you can add some from your movie collection.  This list is not in any particular order, and feel free to suggest and recommend more movies which inspired you for hacking.

Hacking movies every budding hacker should watch:

1. Hackers(1995) : Imdb

Hackers movie Angelina Joulie

Hackers movie got a complete series and it names as Hackers1, hackers2 and so on. We will start with my fav,”Hackers“. The main attraction of this movie is cyber-war between Acid Burn i.e Angelina Jolie and Zero Cool played by Jonny lee miller. Villain might look funny with his approach and this is something not for serious hacker. Movie got an average rating but this movie is worth watching.

If you want to know how hackers uses their social engineering skills to get sensitive details related to your hardware, this movie will not disappoint you. Here is a trailer of this movie:

2. Antitrust(2001) : Imdb


A computer programmer’s dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems. Watch Anti-trust trailer:

3.The Net (1995) : Imdb

Identity theft is something which is not new to online world of Hacking.  This movie is about Angela, a computer geek who lives a very low profile life. In this movie, her struggle of getting back her online identity is shown. Probably, an eye opener for many who think how is it possible to completely wipe off someone identity and create a new one.

4 Pirates of silicon valley(1999): Imdb :

Pirates of silicon valley

This is a documentary movie about the birth of desktop computing. A complete saga of 1970’s to 1997. This documentary narrates the real incident happened in this period between Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Steve jobs (Apple).  Again, not a real movie on hacking but worth watching for everyone. After all, Hacking is all about spirit and knowing the basics and our basic is computer.

5. Takedown(2000) : Imdb :


Kevin David Mitnick is at present working as an american computer security consultant. This movie is about his life and how a hacker turned down into country computer security counselor. Just to add more into the surprise, when Kevin was arrested for his cyber-crime, he was in the list of most wanted cyber criminal.

6 Wargames(1983) :Imdb

An academy award winner movie which is about a young hacker who initiated a nuclear warhead by mistake, possibly a start of World war III. Somehow, I didn’t enjoyed watching this movie much but many of my friends liked it and recommended to be added in this list.

7. Swordfish(2001) : Imdb

Talking about Hacking how we can forget John Travolta’s Swordfish, which shows his intelligence and a master-plan to steal billions of dollar from U.S soil without getting caught. And if you have not seen this movie yet, check out Swordfish trailer below and grab this movie:

8 Live free or die hard(2007): Imdb

This movie is about complete take down of a country by attack in grids. Here villain Gabriel, planned to take down last piece of data containing all financial transaction record for the country. This was a well planned attack and at one point you will be amazed to see the pattern of attack. Though, it’s more of a Bruce Willis action movie sequel  but worth watching. Check out movie trailer here on Youtube.

9. The Matrix(1999) : Imdb :

This movie is about “Neo”, a computer hacker who learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it.  You might consider watching Matrix triology, as without watching sequel this movie is incomplete. Here is a smash trailer of Matrix trilogy:

10. Untraceable(2008) :Imdb :

I saw this movie last week, and like the concept of the movie.The movie feature gorgeous, sexy, babealicious Diane Lane. The movie shows how a website which shows the live torturous killing of users become a hit, and the Diane ended up finding the killer.

11. Sneakers(1992) : Imdb

A group of computer hackers parleys their skills into a career, testing the security of computer systems by deliberately trying to break into them. They get entangled in a complex plot involving the National Security Agency and the Mafia.

12) The Social network (2010) : IMDB

Needless to mention it’s not a Hacking movie but I’m sure talking about Hacking, you might want to know How Facebook come into existence and why there are so many controversies related to Facebook. Probably, you might change your perception about Mark Zyckerberg. It’s a complete story of how a Harvard student started a simple site to compare girls and how he landed with the idea of Facebook. A complete journey of Facebook which every geek should watch. Here is trailer of The Social network:


Do let us know which of these hacking movies you have already watched? Are you missing your favourite movie on Hacking here? Do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Shaswat says

    U have not seen takedown i guess ! Because first of all takedown movie is based on true story and matrix is just sci-fi movie.. and in matrix there is not much hacking type thing.. I suggest you to watch Takedown movie if u really love hacking movies !

  2. Sasikumar Krishnan says

    My fav is Hackers. An excellent movie by Iain Softley. Nice list of movies and thanks for sharing Harsh :)

  3. Gaurav Kapri says

    I have watched Die Hard 4 many times and i was thinking of transformers 2.Its not purely based on hacking and computers but still the problem starts from the selling of the item in eBay.

  4. Tanay says

    Some years ago, I saw a movie on UTV action in which boy chats in virtual wordl was a hacker and officer takes him to help them i did’t remember the name of movie it was a disaster movie but it was not the core. can some one help me to find out ?

  5. Adnan Shahid says

    I love the movies Hackers & Swordfish. Thanks for sharing other movies. I will watch them

  6. mike says

    List for geekz..
    1. Pirate of silicon valley – history between Apple & Microsoft.
    2. Takedown – Kevin Mitnick true story.
    3. Live free or die hard – action movie + geeks
    4. The Social Network – arghh.. everybody already watch it!

    .. and the rest is not so “geeks”.. it’s more like low-budget TV drama.

  7. Pravasharsha says

    hey guys,

    yesterday, i saw the movie DIE HARD-4, its really awesome. frankly speaking, the word hacking itself is amazing. i love the movie very very much. In a lay man language, hacking is everything a person wants.. i’wll suggest you guys to see the movies once….

  8. imtyaz khan says

    i like” live or die hard 4 ”
    obviously i like the way of hacking the atmosphere of real world
    i mean bank,traffic signals network substation of servers etc…
    i dont like any other

  9. Manohara Gowda.S says

    I love hacking movie a lot and i Like d italian job movie a lot from rest of d hacking movie.

  10. neha shokeen says

    Dear, please send me link from where i can download these hacking movie for free

    • Vishal Sharma says

      U can download the movies from torrent only go to and search any movie name .. download the movie torrent and second only download the utorrent client only go to and download the client from here and install it on computer then double click on downloaded movie torrent the movie will start within a min only check one thing the seeds or peers are high of the movie torrent ……. so Enjoy the movie Thanksssssssss …… i’ll preffer you to first download the movie Die Hard 4.0 if u really wanna see the hacking in movie

    • satish says

      neha downlode from will get all the movies fro single place.type in google serch hacking movies torrent.u will get link.

  11. !>EeP says

    none of des movis shows d real wrld of hacking…its beyond our understanding limits…bt i think hackes is a gud movie 4 motivation 4 hacking….it becums better becoz of anjii…she luks damn gorge….swordfish contains guns nd weapons which shud be included in movies on hacking….sneakers is a bit old fashioned…in matrix der is nutin lyk hackin…its jus fiction…

  12. coty says

    Hey everyone, I love hacking movies too, takedown and die hard 4 was the best ! Go to google video and look for hacking there. It’s a gold mine, and you can dl stuff too. That’s where I got history of hacking.

    If anyone wants to talk tech, email me

  13. Suhas says

    Here’s my pick…

    “The History of Hacking” (There’s an interview of the REAL Kevin Mitnick)
    Thats a pretty good documentary on hacking…

    “Realm of hackers” … Its a documentary about what happens if you go into “the dark side”

    Both are on Youtube..

  14. NetSpy says

    Die hard 4 is the best movie of all time and sword fish specially I like the character of Thomas Gabreil(thimothy Olyphant). I really like him and Matt Farell dont belong in that movie and Frediric is cool hacker I like him but I hated zat analogue (jhon Maclain)bruce willis he is analogue and Tomas gabriel Is cool and Digital

  15. Vicio says

    Source taken from wiki:
    “Firewall is a 2006 action/thriller film directed by Richard Loncraine and written by Joe Forte. Harrison Ford stars as Jack Stanfield, a security expert at a bank faced with a corporate merger and the offer of a new job.”

    The movie is more interesting than the vague description wikipedia gives out, just try it for yourself. I give it a 10, and I’m harsh giving movies scores…

  16. me says

    WTF? War Games images are easy to find, but you chose to use the poster for the not-to-be-spoken-of sequel that came out a few years ago?

  17. SwapY_GameOn says

    Rite On!!

    “Untraceable” is a cool muv…but i think “hackers”(one with angelina jolie) sucked big time….it seemed so kidddish..and yes “Silicon Valley” is a must watch!!!

  18. pcmemoirs says

    I’ve seen all these movies except the documentary pirates…
    They are all entertaining. Matrix has to be the best!

    I agree that Tron belongs here too.

  19. Jason says

    There’s one more I would like to add: 23. It’s a German movie (so not exactly Hollywood, but very decent and well done) on group of hackers. It’s based on a true story. See imdb.

  20. says

    @ Rahul
    Takedown is ok but recently I have watched Untraceable It’s a thriller and you will love this movie for some reason that you will get to know once you will watch the movie.!!:)

  21. Rahul Bansal says

    Nice one.. :-)
    I saw most of them. Missed Takedown, Untraceable & Sneakers.

    BTW “Pirates of silicon valley” is not a fiction. Its documentary based on reality. ;-)

  22. n3p@!1 J@cK says

    i like Diehard 4.0 Because This can goes true but matrix is only imagination.
    and also my Favourite film is DIEHARD4.0.

  23. amit singh says

    I dont know how can a movie like hackers be on top with classic like untraceable, matrix and antitrust below it..hackers is nothing but just the idea other people have about hackers I.E who sit in dark rooms play games eat junk food etc and have no social life…
    though it is totally different all hackers are big time net freaks n have a great internet presence… antitrust has done a lot of research just like untraceable as per the documentary given by BBC . discovery etc..

  24. Akash Ahmed says

    absolutely rubbish…i mean common guyzzz wakeup…there isnt any god in entire hollywood other than Al Pacino…
    if possible watch movies like Scarface, The God Father, Frankie & Johhny and not to be forgotten other exceptional talented stars like Jon Trivolta, Robert D’Niro, Nicholas Cage, and offcourse movies like FaceOff, Conair too, and Heat

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