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Tips to increase the life of hard-disk

Tips to increase the life of hard-disk

Dilemma of hard disk crash can be known only by the person whose hard disk is crashed. Hard disk crash is nothing new and it could happen because of many reasons. Few days back, I accidentally dropped my laptop and it stopped working. I tool my laptop to service center and they told me my Hard disk is damaged and they need to replace it. Replacing old hard disk with a new one is not an issue but the major problem is losing my important data. Luckily, I hired a professional company and recovered all my important data.

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Honestly, I was lucky here to retrieve complete 100% of data from my Hard drive, but not everyone is so lucky with their Hard disk data retrieval.

Many reasons behind hard disk crashes are:

Physical damage, Fluctuation of voltage, Improper alignment and viruses.

Physical damage can be minimized by being careful while installing and uninstalling hard disk or can be added extra physical value by using hard disk case.

Voltage fluctuation is one of the major reason behind loss of data and hard disk crash. high voltage and low voltage both are bad for your hard disk and computer. this can be taken care by using a good Voltage stabilizers.

Regular defregmentation speed up your hard disk . It is advisable to defregmenting your hard disk once every month.

Viruses and worm are destructive by nature and born. Though recovering from virus disaster is not easy as not only your hard disk is crashed but even restoring or recovering data won’t help as most of data is infected by virus. As said by a great man ” Precaution is better then cure” so I suggest using a good anti virus will take care of this issue too.

Do share your idea of optimizng your hard disk for the better perfomance?

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  • AD

    I really do protect my hard drive but am always surprised because they still crash.Well right now am using an online backup for all my backups and i use safecopy backup.Here my files are safe and everything is done automatically.And i delete anything accidentally,i can recover them back by just a few clicks.

  • BAS

    one should use UPS to increase the life of hard disk and to avoid the nasty system crashes during power cut


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