Simple Tips for a Newbie to Grow Your Blog

Whenever a new Blogger arise, he faces tremendous fear, “fear of falling“. To make sure you are not one among them, follow this article.

Focus on Writing skills:

Blog is nothing but sharing your ideas and stuff, to everyone so as to obtain an appreciation and respect. The biggest thing holding a good blogger from writing good post, is various distraction of other stuff on Internet. Some much of time would have been wasted and you wouldn’t have even finished a single paragraph. Other stuff like checking mail, Face book, Twitter, Digg, Stumble, feeds, stats, read article or maybe watched some thing on YouTube.

Try the following tips to stay focused while your writing an article,

  1. Switch off your Internet Modem connection, that is disconnect yourself from Internet.
  2. If you are unable to focus, go to a cafe shop, draw a pen and start thinking about the article.
  3. try to write the keywords of your article, which at least gives you a big start up.
  4. Keep writing to improve your skills, or else submit the article to various sites and ask others to review your article.
  5. You’ll be a writer first and blogger second, you are an artist and artist – creates!

Designing & Tweeting & Guest Posting:

Keep your blog well maintained, I mean the design portion should be simple enough for the readers to navigate and read. Keep you post tweeted and retweeted and shared to various other social networks. Write guest post, from your niche blog arena, try to gain respect from the guest post. Gain more popularity of your site, by guest posting.

Feel like a Professional & Worry less about SEO:

Keep posting things related to your blog, after some time when you keep posting things, you’d become a pro. And a pro can handle things better than a newbie. When you write a post, don’t worry about keywords and SEO, just write in simple good English, for better understandability. When you try to learn more things you’ll get to know about keywords and SEO importance, initially just ignore it.

Worth Reading:

Know how you are monetizing your blog:

When you write enough content your blog, is ready for monetizing with various other parties, that is when you are ready to earn bucks. Don’t monetize your blog initially, because you won’t earn until you get a daily viewers of atleast 100. Even when you monetize, try to keep the exposure to minimum level.

Commenting to gain more backlinks:

This is very important aspect, only when you keep commenting in your niche market, people would recognise and visit your site. This in a way gains you more backlinks to your site. The more the backlinks the better the SEO recognization. Later on even ranking of alexa and google page rank can be also improved.

Ask Other Bloggers in your niche area:

Every one need a mentor, in a way or the other. Ask other bloggers, what they are upto and how exactly did they start their blog. And the problems they faced during setting up a blog.

Feel free to share you ideas, interest and add comments, and let me know if  I’m right?

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COMMENTs ( 37 )

  1. seenu says

    My principle is keep going don’t look at your back.
    Experience makes you master.
    Try to show difference.

    These are my principles in blogging.

    • Suraj kv says

      Stick to your principles, they emerge only for short terms. When you really think of long terms…You must perform more than what you and others expect!

  2. Pritam says

    I don’t agree with waiting till 100 views a day. It is too less to make any significant money. I guess you will make $5-6 a month through AdSense.

    • Suraj kv says

      Yea, that means your way too fond of money. “Greed is Good?”, But Greedy is bad.
      Think about it! See others point of view, try to help other people in their way.

    • Suraj kv says

      No hard feelings my friend.
      You are thinking only small chunks of money When you can make a big one. Think on, For Example the Admin of “Shout me Loud”.

  3. rahul solanki says

    suraj, i too agree that newbie should not add advertisement in there blogs until they get good amount of viewers.But one thing is,if they don’t make any money then they think that blogging is waste of time.I want to give some advice to newbie that atleast wait about 6 months after starting a blog and don’t leave your current job or work until you get some confidence and earn some money.

  4. Dean Saliba says

    I think these tips could be used by my experienced bloggers as well as newbie ones. I know a lot could benefit from the one that speaks about paying less attention to SEO.

  5. Dhruv says

    Posting enticing content is definitely important. I truly agree with the #1 point that everything else on the internet conspires to distract u from writing a good post. A ‘puck’ on ur facebook window and u r distracted for another 20 mins. The best way as Suraj said ‘just shut down the internet modem of yours and focus focus and focus on what u want your readers tolearn, know, read.

  6. Sahil says

    Nice one mate… Hard work + consistency is the key to success.
    Improving writing skills and sharing unique articles are one of the thing every blogger should practice.
    Also writing guest posts on other blog are the best way to get exposure.

  7. Hemanth says

    Just go on writing articles in your blog with keywords which suits your blog then automatically you get more and more visitors to your site. When you feel easy with blogger template then just implement best seo practices to get top on search engines. Just take care of meta tags, titles, images, hyper links and last but not least submit your site to all popular search engines.

  8. Pumama says

    Turn off Internet Connection while you are writing is not a good idea. You can search more information to improve the quality your post. You can listen baroque music online to stay focus and feel relax to write post better.

    • Suraj kv says

      Turn off in the sense, keep updated. And then write what you know?
      Its like writing Exams after preparation, else its like copying!

  9. Bit Doze says

    Writhing skills are very important if you want to have a successful blog. Lately I have worked in increasing my writhing skills, by reading articles and writing articles more often.

  10. Bilal Ahmad says

    working constantly on things like posting, creating backlinks and promotion posts will help in making brand in blogging industry.

  11. Wasim Ismail says

    The best way to grow your blog is to post good content on a regular biases, everything else on your blog is secondary (design, money, plug-in…etc) It’s the content on the site which is why readers come and keep coming, if that wasn’t there, your blog will not be much of a use, Best way for a newbie is focus on the articles, and the blog will grow naturally.

  12. Vivek Parmar says

    focus on writing is necessary, other things will come easily as u write. All keep money secondary option while blogging

  13. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Excellent article Suraj…I liked #3, that a newbie should not worry much about SEO…I myself wasted lot of time thinking and reading about SEO, I could have written many articles in that time instead…
    Also one must remember the Golden Rule – “Always write for readers and NOT for search engines”….