Time Management Tips For The Blogger: The Major Time Absorbers

The biggest problems that blogger faces come not from content related issues. It comes from “time absorbers.” Have you ever met such a problem? I am sure that the answer is YES!.

These are things that will suck up a blogger time, so that one paragraph takes forty-five minutes, and so that blogs are left for overnight and finished in the morning. To maintain full and effective focus–a person should start and finish a blog in one sitting. They are not writing an essay or journal entry. A blog should not be so long that it takes more than one evening to write. It should be just long enough to get its point across, and short enough to stop the reader becoming tired, bored or disinterested. Businessmen have long realized that multitasking – is a myth, like the stories about leprechauns or midgets.

Time management for Bloggers

Correct time management is going to allow a person to write a blog post in just one sitting. This article will help you to manage your time more effectively by showing you the many time absorbers that are taking up your time. Once you are aware of these time absorbers you will be able to remove them or ignore them and stick to the task at hand.

Time Management for Bloggers:

I’m not going to guide you on What time you should get up, how you should organise your day, when you should get up. We all know, sleep is essential and early morning is the best time to write. Emails are distractions and we should avoid them in the morning hour. Rather, I will take a different time management approach here and I will be telling you: How to save your time and you can use it for Blogging.

Like we say “Money save is money made“, my theory is “Time save is money made”. So, lets dive into the world of Time management for Bloggers and you are most welcome to share your time-management tips at the end via comments.

Social media

We all know that a message from social media sites is too tempting to resist, but you must, because it is a very common time absorber. You need to turn off your social media and leave it off whilst you work. If you cannot do this then you may be suffering from social media addiction (a real condition apparently).

Text messages

That loud noise of your phone when you get a text is music to some people’s ears. How many times have you been working on something and had a text. You text back and forth and before you know it you have lost an hour. Bite the bullet and turn off your phone. You can turn it on again during break periods or when you have finished what you are doing.

If using smartphone, turn off Wi-fi or out your phone in Airplane mode, when you are writing or working on something, which can’t tolerate distraction.


This is the same as text messages. Sometimes even spam emails look fun when you are working. You need to remove this temptation. If you have an alert system that tells you when you have an email you need to turn it off. Otherwise do not take a second to check until a break period or until you have finished.

If you are one of those who always keep Email tab open, I highly recommend you to stop doing it. This is one of the biggest distraction  and time-consuming. The best of time management comes, when you check your Email at specific time and while reading, replying and deleting your Email, you can also add work in your to-do list.


This is social media (mentioned above) but this one gets an extra mention because it is very easy to lose hours on this one. You look at one video and see suggestions for other videos, and so on and so on. The video of a bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline is too enticing to avoid. Before you know it, you are watching a series called “funny animal accidents” and you have lost an hour or two of time you could have been working.

Dating sites

They sometimes come with little alert GUI’s similar to some email providers, or live chat on Facebook. This runs in the background and pops up if you have a message. There are few people who can resist looking at a message from a potential future lover. Turn off any dating site alert or GUI system until a break period, or until you are finished.

The people you live with

Remove yourself from the noise and hassle of the people you live with. Find a quiet corner and hide away until you are finished with what you are doing.

The calls of nature

You need to fix this with designated breaks. Designate a break time and the calls of nature will not restrict your useable work hours.

Hunger or thirst

You can take food or drink to work with you if you like to snack and work. Otherwise, you need to create designated break periods so that you can nibble, etc.  Also, we all know working alone causes depression at times and Bloggers tends to drink more. I highly recommend you to stay away from any kind of alcoholic stuff.


Doing research will only result in you being distracted by other sites. Do all of your research prior to writing your blog post. Turn off your Internet when you have finished your research and work from your notes.


Turn it off. Even if you can “work well” with music on, you will be surprised how much time you waste changing music tracks. If you must have music on then use your headphones so that no exterior noise will affect you. You must also create a play list of songs that are not too complex (such as “End of the world” by R.E.M), and a play list that you are sure you are not going to skip tracks on.

TV in the background

Turn it off. The TV is designed to disturb you. TV is designed to be attention seeking. It will put you off whether you like it or not. Some people claim that they can work with the TV on in the background but so much happens on TV shows that it is impossible to ignore it 100% of the time. Instead of devoting effort to ignoring it, you should devote energy to your work. If you get it done sooner you will be able to get back to the TV sooner.

How to do time Management for Blogging

Now that you are aware of a few time absorbers, it is time to start managing your time properly. Remove all of the time absorbers, or at least be aware of them enough so that you may compensate for them (or ignore them). Now you need to start managing your time.

Plan your blog post

Have a session at the beginning of your blog writing where you plan your blog post. Write a few notes on what you are going to write about. Put them in a structure so that you know which you are going to mention first. Estimate how much writing it will take to cover those notes and topics in detail. Use this plan to help you write your blog post. Go down your planned structure and cover each topic/note one at a time. This is going to help to focus your efforts because you are concentrating on one issue/note at a time instead of trying to cram it all in at once.

A timer with intervals

Once you have your blog post structure, and the estimate on how long each part will take, you need to program a timer to help you stay alert. If you know how long each section is going to be (roughly) then you should be able to guess how long each section should take. Guess how much time each section should take and add five minutes to each time. Program a timer to go off at those intervals. That way you will be able to keep track of how your blog post is progressing, and you will know if you have wasted any of your time. It is a great motivator too, because it acts as a reminder of what you are doing and a reminder of how long it “should” be taking you.

A timer to tell you when to take a break

This is very important. You need to set a timer that tells you when to take a break. Many people are easily distracted and slow down (productivity wise) because they are fatigued or have been concentrating/focused for too long. You know your own mind and your own attention span, but setting half hour breaks every 2 – 2.5 hours is a good idea.Learn about Pomodoro technique. If you do not take breaks then you will grind to a halt when you are working, and your time management will go right out the window.

Businessmen have long realized that multitasking – is a myth, like the stories about leprechauns or midgets. Shifting attention “eats” your time and makes the process of writing, or “long and painful”.

P.S: If you really have a problem and want to solve it, I can share my own experience. I realized my problem a year ago and I’m still struggling with it. Helped me book «The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing It All” Gets Nothing Done», Dave Crenshaw. You can find it on Amazon.

For further reading:

What “time absorbers” do you have and how you deal with them? Share your experience.

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Korah Morrison, UCLA student, guest blogger and blogger. Owner of the Blogoloola Blog about blogging, guest blogging and SEO promotion.


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  1. Manish says

    You are absolutely right KorahMorrison. Time management is the main concern of every blogger. Thanks for giving this awesome post.

  2. Coby says

    Great article Kohra, thank for sharing. It is informative and helpful. I indeed agree that social media is one of the time absorbers if you don’t know to manage it. It is also a great way to manage time if you know your productive time, which helps you stay focus on tasks and get things done with less wasted time. It is also great to have a timer when managing time effectively. I also do have a timer at work and it is called Time Doctor that I use to set an estimated amount of time when working on each task. I even set regular breaks on it to relax a bit and regain sanity.

  3. says

    Time management is a major issue for student bloggers like me. We have to maintain our blogs and at the same time, manage studies.

    Creating a perfect schedule according to the points you mentioned here can help a lot. So thanks for these tips. I will keep them in my mind.

  4. Vishal Srivastava says

    Once again a wonderful article. The major problem for me is to find a post idea for blog article and it requires a lot of time. But i dont know what to say it , the investment or just waste of time.

  5. Santanu says

    Such a helpful post Harsh. You have just posted what people like me is wondering form last couple of days. It’s really a challenging job to concentrate and post at one go, especially if you have a active(with dependents, kids) family around you. Thanks for such nice articles…

  6. david says

    Hi Korah,

    You are spot on, it is far to easy to get distracted. Focus is the key. I don’t even have a TV anymore!

  7. Shubhajit Chakraborty says

    Oh, I like this post very much. Too true to admit..I find when you are in flow of writing, you can finish it within a very short period of time, assuming you are a writer. However, social networking and (in my case) chatting in gmail and others always deviates you from that flow, resulting a write-up that could be finish within 30 mins and you end up with more than an hour.

  8. says

    Hello Korah, you have mentioned all important points for blogging schedule but last one about planning blog post is really good. We should Schedule Posts and if possible it is very good to publish posts everyday at a fixed time.