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Thesis Theme Review : WordPress SEO Theme

Review of: Thesis
WordPress Theme:
Chris Pearsonified

Reviewed by:
5 Stars
On June 22, 2009
Last modified:May 25, 2012


Thesis is one of the best SEO theme for WordPress. I highly recommend it after using it for solid two and half years.

Thesis Theme Review : WordPress SEO Theme

I have been using Thesis from the day 1 when it was released. I have seen Thesis to grow till Thesis 1.8.3 and now Thesis 2.0 is knocking the door. Here I’m going to share my Thesis theme review based on my experience with this best WordPress SEO Theme.

WordPress is one of the best blogging platform, though it’s not very simthesis300x2501 thumb ple in terms of plugins and themes. But beauty of wordpress is you can get unlimited support via forums and WordPress community.

I have been searching for perfect theme for Shoutmeloud. I have already used lots of theme in between that includes Arthemia, Monezine, Light breaker, and more. Though all of them has their pros and cons.

Later on I bumped into one of Thesis theme review on Internet and I ended up buying personal Thesis theme license. At first, I couldn’t realize the SEO power of Thesis theme, but within 50 days time, I saw a great improvements in my traffic. Specially I have seen all useless feeds link created by previous WordPress theme, are going down and my search engine ranking is getting better.

At the time of writing, Thesis is in Thesis 1.8* version (1.8.3) and soon we are expecting Thesis 2.0.

Thesis Theme review : Notable Features

SEO optimized

There is no doubt about the fact, Thesis is best WordPress SEO theme at this moment. There are many competitors like Genesis, but Thesis main powerhouse is it’s SEO capabilities. It’s very true that we can optimize wordpress using lots of SEO friendly plugins, though theme plays a major role in terms of SEO. If your theme is not SEO optimized, despite of great content and SEO plugin, your wordpress SEO strategy will never be fulfilled and you will always be one step behind getting good number of traffic.

Typography :

When ever it comes to design of a Blog, Typography plays a major role. Apperantly, I’m not some one who is great with Typography but Thesis makes it very easier to manage your theme typography from Thesis panel. Font and Font size matters a lot. A nice typography provide readability and thus you will have more visitors on your blog.

Footer :

Footer is something which I always wanted to have in my blog, because of SEO advantage and I can add more content like social media widgets and more without any problem. A nice long footer also helps you to get more content on any page. Though by default Thesis doesn’t come with footer, but there are many free Thesis footer scripts like Asino script is in the market, which will make adding footer into Thesis theme a piece of cake.

Theme control panel :

Now most of premium wordpress theme comes with control panel, Thesis has two control panel Theme option and Theme design option. Which can be easily used to control all the SEO needs and other features of your blog. Thesis control panel provide you with lots of customization and SEO feature.

Support forum :

This is something which I always wanted to have in my theme so that I will keep getting ideas for customization and we have community for same theme user. Thesis got an excellent support forum where you will be getting lots of Theme customization tips and SEO tips.

These are the basic requirement which I always wanted to have in my Theme, and Thesis theme offered everything which I needed. Though every theme have it’s up and down and here are some of the cons of Thesis theme.

Cons of Thesis theme:

CSS knowledge:

For any basic customization Thesis design panel is enough. With Thesis logo and favico uploader you can easily add logo and favico to your blog and you can change colors, typography and blog complete layout from design panel. But if you looking for high-end customization, then you need to have bit of CSS knowledge.

If you want to customize Thesis theme, it’s easy but having a basic knowledge of css will be a plus point. I never like playing with codes, probably Code phobia, but Seems like Thesis helped me to come out of it. Customizing Thesis theme is very easy. Instead of Customizing single php files, thesis has two custom file named as custom.css and custom functions.php.

Custom.css is use to add styling into your blog and custom_function.php is used to add content anywhere in your blog with the help of hooks. None the less, there are many free Thesis skins available in the market and you can quickly download these Thesis skins and give a custom look to your Thesis powered WordPress blog.

In the upcoming tutorial I will walk through the thesis theme customization   and options that you can explore using Thesis WordPress theme.

Though many feel that Thesis is overpriced but I personally feel every penny is worth spending on Thesis because of the quality, standard and features which you will get with Thesis.

  • Single user license : 87$.
  • Developer license : 164$.

The payment system use is Paypal. So you will get instant access to Thesis theme and Thesis support forum.

Get Thesis wordpress theme

I hope this Thesis theme review will help you to make your mind to buy this best WordPress SEO theme. And Thesis 2.0 is coming out soon and Thesis 2.0 price is going to be high, so it’s a good idea to buy Thesis theme now.

Thesis is one of the best SEO theme for WordPress. I highly recommend it after using it for solid two and half years.

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  • Sannu

    Hi Harsh,

    I want to buy Thesis 2.0 but i have no credit card, Is any other option to pay for it.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      They accept payment only via Paypal. So you can create a paypal account and if you don’t have, you can ask around for someone to pay for you and you can transfer money into his bank account. Hope that helps!

  • Mark Laseau

    Greetings !! as you mentioned, just the quick “great post” types, in this theme can we use seo plugins or their is any kind of admin panel where i can set meta tag into my website.. graphic in this theme look eye catchy. Thesis theme execution is fast its seo friendly

  • Vinayak

    Even I use thesis at my main blog. I have very less knowledge of coding and yet I can get it all from thesis because it is very simple. Customizing a theme never felt so easier. I have also loved your site’s beautiful look. Do let me know which thesis skin is this because I have liked it a lot.

    Even I think that Thesis rocks and well, about the competition with Genesis, Thesis 2.0 should be enough to win it.

  • Michael Aulia @CravingTech

    I love Thesis and lots of people love the design that I put together on my blog with Thesis. However, it wasn’t easy and not many people have the time and skills to put together CSS and PHP codes.

    The community does help a lot as I often found my solutions in the forums and simply copy pasted codes to make it work :)

  • Sathishkumar

    I am using Thesis now. The only problem for me is, I have no experience in coding and I don’t know how to customize this theme. I tried to do it in some ways but in the end i was getting messed up. Can anyone suggest how to customize this theme in a minimal way. And harsh if possible can you write a tutorial on thesis customization like for the footers, sidebars, etc?

  • Veera


    I’m planning to switch to Thesis theme. Could you please suggest which will be good option and how to buy the theme, etc.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Veera
      You can buy theme using this link (my Aff. link)

      More over if you planning to use Thesis on only 1-2 sites, go for Single license. But if you planning to use it on more then 2 Sites , go for developer license.

      • Mahendra Reddy

        If we go with Thesis Basic option can we get the same appearence like your website?Here i am trying to evaluate Thesis Basic and professional
        Are you using Pearsonified Skin and Skins in your website?
        Currently i have two websites, i am planning to go with Thesis Basic. In case if i want to upgrade to Thesis professional from Basic how much i need to pay during upgrade?

  • Sire

    The price of Thesis never bothered me in the slightest, what bothered me was the fact that it wasn’t as ‘out of the box’ friendly as all the hype made it out to be. Not once did they mention that you had to know ‘HOOKs’ to get it to do a lot of the things you wanted the theme to do.

    I still run it on one of my blogs, but I run my other 8 blogs on a theme that is easier to use and much more flexible.

  • George Serradinho

    Hi Harsh,

    I changed to Thesis after some frustration with my old theme and saw that you were using Thesis. I did some investigations and found that Thesis is basic in that it has many features and advanced with SEO and other features.

    I think one of the biggest reasons is that of the support community, they are just unbelievable.


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