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Thesis Theme: How to Remove Sidebar on a Specific Page

Thesis Theme: How to Remove Sidebar on a Specific Page

Few days back at Shoutmeloud, we shared a tutorial on Getting started with Thesis theme and 15 Thesis Theme resource roundup. In this tutorial Baby BrownFox from EzDollar is sharing his tips on How you can create a page in Thesis theme without sidebar. This one of very useful for pages like Search pages. You can see an example of such page on my WordPress services page.

Remove Sidebar Thesis Theme

If you are new to Thesis, you should check out my Thesis theme review. It almost drives me crazy after hours of googling around trying to figure out how to remove a simple sidebar on a certain page on my thesis theme site.

Perhaps some of you might encounter these kind of scenario like I do.  I’ve created a new custom google search and wanted it to display its search results occupying the entire page but the darn sidebar hangs beside covering its content.

So for those thesis theme users out there looking to figure out how to remove thesis theme sidebar on a specific pages, you’ll be so surprise to know how simple it is and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna laugh at yourself once you’re done.

One more thing guys you don’t have to copy and paste those ridiculous code on your custom function.

How to remove Sidebar in Thesis Theme:

Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on Edit pages. See screen shot below:

2. Next choose which page you want to remove the sidebar. See screen shot below.

3. Here’s the fun and the craziest part that you’ll going to laugh at yourself after. On your editing post mode, take a look at the right side, you’ll see Template with a drop down arrow. Click on it and choose No Sidebar. That’s it!!! See screen shot below:

thesis remove sidebar

I’m sure all those who are using Thesis theme will find it very useful and easy to do it. Do let me know if you face any problem achieving this.

Do you have more Thesis theme customization tips to share? Why don’t you write a guest post at Shoutmeloud and share your tips with the world. Hope this help and saves a lot of your time of figuring the simplest way of removing your thesis theme sidebar on certain pages.

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  • Cindy

    This works on individual pages. However it does not work if you go to settings >> Reading and set a page as your blog page. Even is you have the “Blog” page set to No Sidebars, setting it as the “Blog” page in settings makes the sidebar reappear.

    Any ideas how to get the sidebars on the “Blog” page to not show up?

  • James

    After hours of installing and uninstalling themes and plugins just to fix this god damn problem I stumbled upon your post. Thank you thank you thank you thank you, you’ve solved this problem. I almost went insane

  • Ilya

    it says “no sidebarS” and removes both sidebars. how do you remove only one of the two?

  • Alex

    whoa! i was actually looking for “no sidebar” plugin lol good thing i came across this website. thanks :D

  • kalyan

    Thanks Harsh,

    Isn’t Absolum a thesis theme? well, I might not know this. Anyway, do you know any plugin which can help me disable a sidebar from a specific page to accommodate google custom search results? or anything to change in the coding? Any advice will be very appreciative.

  • kalyan


    Nice info but unfortunately I do not see this page attributes in my Absolum theme and so, can’t disable a sidebar on a particular page. Can you please help?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Kalyam I’m not sure if this feature is available on your theme but this feature is available on Thesis theme…

  • Colin McDougall

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure this out for waaaaay too long!!! I was digging through the style sheets and trying to modify the code etc… Yeah, I am laughing at myself now and thanks for publishing this post!!! I know this is going to save a lot of people a lot of time

    Thanks again for publishing this tutorial :)

  • Susannah Noel

    Thank you so much! You saved me!

  • Joanne Reid

    OMG. I have been using thesis for a while and only read about doing a page without a sidebar today. Who knew? And now that I read this post I am startled with the simplicity of this.

    I used to teach software packages and was always ranting on about how people underuse their software when most of it has so many advanced features and now I find that I have been doing the same with the thesis template.

    Thank you!!! Baby Brownfox.

  • Vicki

    I thought this was going to be a lot harder. lol

    One question, how do you set the page width on just one page? If you set the width through the design options for one column as suggested above doesn’t that set the whole site? I only want to change the width on one page.


  • Neal

    once you use the no sidebars template, it makes the page very wide, how do you reduce the width?

    something like

    .no_sidebars #content { width: 500px; }

    in custom.css?

    Or is that not quite right?


    • Angela

      Here is how I set the width of my content.
      in design options choose colums
      then choose the single column
      below that set the width you want the column to be
      save it and that’s that. No need to use code.
      This is in 1.84b I believe it is similar from 1.6 and up. Someone here should be able to correct me if I am wrong on that.
      Hope that helps.

  • Oddsbonus

    How do you do if you have 2 sidebars on mainpage, but only want one of them to show on a certain page?

  • Gowtham

    Rolf, i laughed. Wow man i didnt see that link.

    Thanks mate!

  • ET

    What do you do if you want one sidebar to remain? For example, I changed a site to one column, and by default WordPress places two sidebars underneath the main column.

  • Faizan

    how can we be so dumb to google such queries some times!
    thanks anyways

  • era

    Thanx man… I didn’t knew it before too

  • Elizabeth @ MomReviews

    You’re right, I laughed at myself when I saw how easy that was! I was looking all over the Thesis Options and Design Options trying to figure out how to take out the sidebars. Never looked at that dropdown menu! You ROCK!

  • Baby BrownFox

    You’re all welcome guys..
    Please drop by to my website.

  • ShmellyCat

    Ahahaha! I didn’t know it was so simple… Thank you sooo much!

  • Clinton Power

    Thank you! I can’t believe how simple that was. Here is was expecting to have to have my tech guy write some special code to get around it. Awesome!

  • Baby BrownFox


    Me too.. I almost gone stupid looking for that no-sidebar thing..
    Enjoy and don’t forget to share it to others..

  • Rohit

    Thanks a lot dude ! I didn’t realize that no-sidebar template is already there. I was really going crazy about how to do it. Thanks :)

  • Baby BrownFox

    I didn’t knew it before too. There are still many simple things to discover on thesis theme. I’m just sharing this info guys and I really really hope this would save you a lot of time.

  • Mayur

    Cool find, I didn’t knew that.


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