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    Thesis Style Box WordPress Plugin to Quickly Style Thesis Single Post

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    In my last post I talked about How to style Thesis WordPress theme single post and that styling add yellow and Blue border into your selected text. Though that styling is good but how about adding another level of styling into Thesis WordPress theme.

    Technozeast has released a very handy and helpful WordPress plugin for Thesis WordPress theme which will let you style your WordPress single post quickly. Apart from note and alert tags, this plugin will add more pre tags to style your post.

    Here is a screenshot of what this plugin will do for your Thesis theme:

    thesis style box 520x364 Thesis Style Box Wordpress Plugin to Quickly Style Thesis Single Post


    Here are the codes which you should be using to customize your single post and add an extra level of styling:

    thesis style box customization 520x93 Thesis Style Box Wordpress Plugin to Quickly Style Thesis Single Post

    Thesis single post customization

    This plugin is very handy, if you don’t want to do everything manually. You can download this plugin from official WordPress plugin directory.

    I’m sure you know about Thesis WordPress theme and if not read my review of Thesis 1.7 WordPress theme and if you like the thesis theme you can buy and download it form given link.

    Download Thesis WordPress theme

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    Aha! nice found! I am sure that this plugin will find so many fans!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Indeed, very useful plugin for inpost styling.


    Arijit Das

    You released it very late for me! I searched it for a long time at at last solved the secret of ShoutMeloud few days ago… Any way thanks for sharing!! :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Arijit I’m using Thesis inbuilt feature and now this plugin. Though this plugin is useful for those who hate touching the codes. :)


    Nandan | TechFlu

    Thesis style box is same as Style box plugin which can be use by any Wordpress user for styling their post.


    Jens P. Berget

    I have just downloaded it. Thanks a lot.

    - Jens



    I am using this plugin but it seems not compatible with my blogussion. Hope to fix it sooner. Thanks


    Shivendu Madhava

    Thnx Harsh for reviewing my plugin.


    Shiva | Web Magazine

    Wish this plugin worked for other themes too, cos I am currently not using Thesis but I plan to buy Thesis very soon and then I think it will be useful for me too ;)


    Surender Sharma

    Thanks Shivendu Madhva.
    This is really awesome plugin which was highly required by Thesis users.



    This one’s a piece of cake to integrate into Thesis.

    1. Download the plugin and extract it.
    2. Upload the contents of the “images” folder (7 images).
    3. Add the contents of the thesis-style-box.css to custom.css
    4. Correct the image paths to match yours.
    5. Done!



    I love this plugin but if someone could help me asap I’d truely appreciate it! How can I intergrate this to use it in a widget? It will not show up. I cant get it to work for the life of me please help!


    Sagar Rai

    Great Harsh. My template is a paid version of solostream.



    Can you please suggest me a similar plugin to style the
    headings which is not for thesis??


    Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

    I would have liked light green…



    U can Add Style Box in any theme without using any plugin for that u need to copy code(.textbox{color:#000;background:#e3f0f2 url(images/Style.png) left no-repeat;border:#6cc 1px solid;padding:10px 10px 10px 40px}
    a,.post .title a{text-decoration:none;color:#26a}) to your style css and upload any style icon which u like in your theme folder… i am using on my site to.
    and just paste this code where u wanted to see your style code

    Example:- Tittle




    hi harsh…i installed this plugin and it works fine but the problem is when use h2 tag in this style box that problem occurs and text seems to slip out of the box…any suggestions ? :roll:



    I understand that the note class is a blue box and the alert class yields a yellow box but what about the classes; help, important, tip, linux, and the others that you mention?

    What color are they and what location please? Is there a link that explains their use?

    Thanks for reading.


    Harsh Agrawal

    SonDan I might not be very clear with your question, though I believe you are asking what kind of boxes other codes will give:
    You can refer to this image: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/thesis-style-box-520×364.png
    Do let me know if I failed to understand your question.



    I left a comment previously but not sure why it hasn’t been published.
    Again I liked the Style box plugin I only wished if we have more control on it by reducing the size or inserting the box in specific location like on top right corner, make it square and so on. Also it would be great if we can change the motifs and colors.

    Also I would appreciate if you can refer me to the plugin you used it to make “Next and Previous” posts at the bottom of each post, i liked the large green arrows. Please advice, thanks



    Thanks for the blog directories. They definitely are going to come in handy..


    Sandip Bhagat

    Aren’t there any other plugins except this? This plugin has not been updated since 2 years. should i use it or not ?


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