The Problem With Unlimited WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO plugins in WordPressSometime I really wish I never knew about SEO and I would have been just another Blogger, where I write about things without worrying about Keyword research, Ranking on the first page of Google or driving insane amount of traffic.

Truth is, over the time this become a necessity. Without traffic our blog is another found and lost website and we may or may not see the next big thing. So, that’s where SEO comes in.

WordPress being the best platform for Blogging, comes with ample amount of plugin options. We wish to make our WordPress blog SEO optimized, we have hundreds of plugin for the same, we wish to add make our blog secure, we have unlimited WordPress security plugins available, all other plugins are ok but what worries me is number of SEO plugins available for WordPress.

Do a simple search in Google for “WordPress SEO plugins” and you will be bombarded with options like:

These are just few of them, and there are many more. Now the question is what should be rely on how many we should use.

How many SEO plugins we need in WordPress?

When a newbie starts uncovering the world of WordPress SEO, the most obvious search is SEO plugins. There are thousands of Web-pages which offers unlimited options and that’s where the confusion begins. You don’t know, if we really need to use All in one SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast together or separately, but both of them will be listed on one essential SEO plugins page.

If you ever find stuck in similar situation, don’t worry as you are not alone. There are many others who are still not sure of what SEO plugins in WordPress they should be using and reading numerous of recommendation, they ended up installing many plugins which does the similar job.

Specially when it comes to SEO, it takes time to see the effect. Till the time you get the positive result, all is well but moment any SEO plugin settings have bad effect, you are in deep shock and the fight to fix it starts. You start making changes without knowing what’s right and what’s not, and leave the faith of your blog to future. This is what my main concern is. I have been there, and know where people make mistakes. When you just read about a new SEO plugin and your itchy hands let you install it right away and try it on your blog. From now on, I really want you to stop doing any such thing and know what particular SEO plugin is doing for you. Do you really need another one, or you just creating SEO problems for your blog by clashing it with similar plugins.

Those Bloggers who have shared list of such SEO plugins, they are not wrong because they are giving you more options. I use Thesis theme, but at the same time I give option for other themes, which you may use on your blog. Similarly, when I create a list of such plugins, I try to give as many options as I could.  In this article, I try to answer as many questions as I could and hope this will give some rest to your itchy hand and you will not make your blog fall in the category of SEO blunders.

Another thing which you should know is the time stamp of such plugins. A Blogger might have shared his list of SEO plugins in 2009 but that lucky guy might be on the first page of Google, how likely you are going to trust a plugin recommendations which was made 3 years back? It’s not his mistake and not yours too. But as a writer, when I talk about SEO stuff and plugins, I expect you to know a bit. Make sure, you do a complete research before you add a new plugin or go for a trusted recommendation.

So what WP SEO plugins you should be installing?

First thing which you should ask is the same series of plugin am I going to install? Some plugin helps in ON page SEO, some plugin helps in On site SEO and some of them helps in improving UI, social signals, which ultimately benefit in over all optimization of your blog.

WordPress On-site SEO Plugins:

I use WordPress SEO By Yoast for optimization of my blog. If you are still using All in one SEO, platinum SEO time to make a shift. WordPress SEO by yoast is so far one of the best On site SEO plugin which I have seen and only plugin which you need.


I tried WordPress SEO by yoast Sitemap feature, and you can use the same for generating sitemap for your WordPress blog.

User experience:

I will start with Broken link checker plugin, as it helps me kick out of all dead links and fix redirected links with one click.  For related posts which helps in improving user experience, I have custom code, but you can either use YARPP or Zementa related posts plugin.

I personally use SEO smart links and WordPress insights for better internal-linking, and if you don’t wish to spend money on premium version of SEO smart link, a Free SEO smart link + WordPress insights plugin will fulfill your blog internal linking need.

Page Speed plugins:

Yes, it’s official that faster page load time helps in improving your ranking and now I’m using W3 total cache plugin to lower down the page load time. Never mix two cache plugins. Stick to one at a time.

Always remember, any SEO change is time-consuming process and reversing it back takes more time. So, before you install next SEO plugin on your blog, make sure you know what you are doing. This is not an extensive list of SEO plugins for WordPress, but just a small heads up for newbie who are making a mistake by installing too many SEO plugins without knowing the consequences. If you are not sure, take help of WordPress forum or SML Fan page, and feel free to ask questions. It make take a little time to get an answer but it’s always worth waiting.

So, let me ask you: What all SEO plugins are you using now and what all you suggest to others?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Morgan Stradling says

    YIKES! I changed from All in One SEO to Yoast SEO and now my traffic has dropped by a third! Should I still stay the course and hope it goes back up? What do you recommend in this situation?

  2. Anmol Makkar says

    Nice article, but I think Google XML sitemaps is not so good.
    Yoast sitemaps are the best if compared as it contains images within, with a limited number of entries per page(loads more fast ;) ) and different sitemaps for pages, posts and categories.

  3. Earlyman says

    I have used for a long time All in One and I always found it quite useful and easy to understand. I have been thinking for some time to switch to Yoast, but I always end up delaying it because I don’t want to slow down my work by getting used to some other plugin – eventually I’ll take a break and experiment with some of them.

  4. Rahul kuntala says

    Well I just want to know about how many plugins do you use on SML. If you’ve a post.. do share the link here :)

  5. sujeet says

    currently i am using platinum Seo plugin but after reading this article i am thinking to move with Yoast plugin for seo

  6. Gautam Doddamani says

    hi harsh a nice post indeed. one question…i am currently using the genesis framework…should i disable my wordpress seo by yoast plugin and enable in-built seo settings of genesis or should i continue using yoast plugin? which is the best?

    also wanted to ask you about plugin as it is not working on my blog…its not smushing my images..always gives me errors….which is the best alternative to for optimizing images?

  7. stargaterich says

    A great post on practical tips on WordPress plug-ins. Another problem associated with installing too of such are that some of them are not upward compatible with later versions of WordPress. When you upgrade WordPress, some of these plug-ins may not work properly and this can be quite a headacne to deal with.

  8. says

    Nice post and rely useful for me i was locking the way of website speed increasing after to reading your post my problem is solved now :) thanks for righting this post

  9. George says

    I have heard that while one is using thesis one cannot use other plugins for seo. It becomes like mixing coke with thumbs up. Am I right or wrong

    • says

      No you can use SEO plugins.but again it will be like you not making most out of Thesis….Why to burden your blog with extra plugin, when your theme can do that for you? And once you ever plan to switch away from Thesis…There are many SEO data exporter plugin, which can do the task for you.!!!

  10. prabir says

    Hi Harsh

    Yes I agree Seo by yoast is one of the best free seo plugin available. I am too using seo yoast plugin in my blog. Now i got myself genesis theme which has a rock solid inbuilt SEO features and will change the face of my blog with 2-3 days.

  11. Vivek Nath.R says

    Bro, Did you tried EWWW Image Optimizer plugin?, an alternative to
    Is it better than

  12. Basavaraj says

    I am new to wordpress. Can anybody guide me the list of plugins which are necessary for a good blog?

  13. akhilendra says

    The best part about WordPress is abundance of these plugins which make our job so easy. I am particularly interested in broken link checker plugin. I have been looking for a plugin for this.

  14. Arbaz Khan says

    Hi Harsh,
    Amazing post there.
    I use Yoast SEO and SEOPressor and they work fine for me and I love both plugins. I was using EasyWPSEO but later changed it to SEOPressor and that was a good decision on my part.
    Thanks for a superb post :)

  15. harshit mehrotra says

    great post dude i am using wordpress all in one seo but really was in need of a plugin that increase speed of site……..really smush is good for it?

  16. Shiwangi peswani says

    Another wonderful article by you buddy. I am using SEO Yoast for SEO and W3 total cache for site speed. Tell me one thing should are you using both smush it and w3 total cache simultaneously to reduce the site loading time ?