The Only Recession Proof Profession- Blogging

Few months back, something originated in United States of America and as a result of it, the economy of the world started to come down. Share markets crashed, banks became BANKrupt and jobs were cut. People committed suicides as they had no job and no money. Soon, this effect influenced whole world and career in almost every sector like banking; IT, insurance and airlines were affected. This was RECESSION.

But still, there was one field which remains unaffected by this recession. Not entirely unaffected, but if we compare it with other areas, the effect was negligible. And this field was BLOGGING.

Recession Proof Job

While recession was busy sweeping the world with its tide, nothing changed for bloggers. There was a slight drop in traffic and income but it was not such a big difference which would force a full time blogger, for whom his blog is the only source of income, to stop blogging or to commit suicide, as workers in other profession were doing.

Blogging is an awesome source of income, considering the fact that it is a part time profession for majority of the bloggers. After your day job, if you can dedicate 2 hours to your blog, you can earn $100 per month within a year of starting.

I say blogging a recession proof  profession because here nobody goes bankrupt; nobody is forced to think about stop blogging. Internet is the future of technology and more and more people are getting hooked to it. Eespecially India and other south Asian countries are now getting familiar with internet and this number is guaranteed to increase in future. So, traffic will increase in the upcoming days which will benefit the established bloggers.

So, it’s my sincere recommend to all those who are thinking of starting their blog. Do not wait, start today. Choose a niche in which you are interested, get yourself a domain name & hosting and start blogging today. First 3-4 months will be tough but believe me, after that you will enjoy blogging.

Do let us know your thought. Do you really think blogging is really a recession proof  job?

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COMMENTs ( 25 )

  1. Raj says

    Income from blogging can be quite tricky. If in your blog you offer all the information that the visitor was looking for he / she will not click paid advertisements and if you do not provide enough information in your blog, there will be no visitors.

  2. Sourav says

    Blogging was not unaffected, i noticed that my ecpm was down for some months during those bad times, everything in this world is interlinked, the advertisers bid goes down when the revenues go down. Yes i agree that its secured because there’s nothing like you loose the job, maybe you earn a few bucks less but you are in the safe zone always. :)

  3. Puneet says

    I kinda disagree with it.

    First of all during the recession period the demand of those products fall which are not necessary for sustaining life ( Commercial WP Themes, plugins or other such stuff which bloggers usually sell online ) Less demand means less earning for affiliate bloggers and /or original seller.

    Secondly, Advertisers try to cut their cost including advertising which in turn means less earnings for bloggers. ( I remember google had written a post few months back i.e during recession, encouraging advertisers to advertise more during those tough times)

    However I do agree their is lesser effect on the incomes of the bloggers.

    Now, coming to the last para of your article, I would like to say that Not every one can has ability to blog and write stuff which can attract readers. So those who thinking that they can make fortune out of blogging need to analyse their own abilities and capabilites. I will suggest dont leave your Job, if you have one, for blogging until unless you are 200% sure that you can make atleast that much amount that you are making from your job.

    Lastly, its good to see you here Tushar :)

  4. Pankaj Singla says

    You are right to some extent, but it is probability to come recession after 2 years of in India. Because if everyone is blogger and all are publisher, google will definitely reduce of eCPM. So if visitors would increase in coming days, competition will also be tough enough…..what u think of it?

  5. sanjeev says

    Blogging is a better option if you have passion for that. Recession hits everything but you will rise in that as well ; if you have passion for the same.

  6. Basant Singh says

    Inspiring article.
    AdSense payout got affected due to low ad rates but recession had a +ve affect on Blogosphere as it produced/forced some talented professionals to look out for an alternate profession & blogging was on of them.

  7. Ramkumar says

    A very good article with a very much attractive title, Keep writing such good posts Tushar :)

  8. Alok says

    Yes, blogging is a recession proof job but not so easy to build your brand in weblog-world. so work hard to build your brand. My best wishes with you friends. :)

  9. Amit @ blogging says

    This is true. I read somewhere that during the recession the number of domains registered in a month where same as the number of domains registered in a month before the recession. Secondly the important point is Indian internet users will keep increasing in the future so blogging is a safe profession in a country where around 17% of the world population lives.

  10. Gagan says

    Well I do not think it is a recession proof job .. In blogging recession is of different kind .. There is recession of articles one day … What do you say Tushar ?

  11. sudharsan says

    Blogging is like a news feed or sharing views, thoughts, personal blogging ..etc., to others. There is no direct contact with business so it didnt’ face down time…I think so..

    It is like a information resource to others it wont face downtime untill it make a direct connection with business

    wat u say thushar ???

  12. Samir says

    In fact I think bloggers blogging about making money online would have seen an upward drift of traffic during and after the global recession. Please verify this with what happened to you guys. I’m seriously interested!

  13. George Serradinho says

    I think you are so right, blogging is still doing well despite what happened.

    Users tightened their belts, but the blogging still continued. I would actually think that many turned to blogging or starting something on the net. One can always use some kind of extra income.

    • Tushar says

      the only reason behind the success of blogging is that it costs meagre investment to start…

  14. NpXp says

    Blogging has been a great tool during the times of recession. But people do remember when Adsense payout got very less during those times..

    Good one @ Tushar

    • Tushar says

      Adsense payout may have decreased but something is better than nothing…. thanks for appreciation

  15. Tech Maish says

    Well you are right that Blogging was not effected by recession that world was facing and still facing.
    I agree that blogging was not effected by recession
    1. As you know majority of Bloggers are students. During recession, every students were not able to continue there studies OR according to a survey in the era of recession students started there own business (Like Blogging)

    During recession, if big companies like Google, Yahoo, WebHost, and Other related companies face loss, then it will definitely effect on blogging.

    • Tushar says

      i am not saying that it is not affected at all…what i mean is that the measure of the impact is much lesser….

  16. Dave Doolin says

    I would tend to agree with this. Blogging does provide an entry into a business where your primary limitation is your own ingenuity and drive.

    And acquiring customers is certainly an education!

    On the other hand, people aren’t quite as free with their money as they used to be.

  17. Ankit says

    Yeah! Completely agree with you bro. Blogging is a great time pass, which can be turned into a great source of income if done in a right way.

    • Tushar says

      and it does not require much money too….everyone has internet connection…just a few dollars for domain and hosting and 2 hours everyday…and THAT’s It

  18. jigen shah says

    first of all this is a very encouraging article for all the bloggers,

    i think blogging is definetely a recession proof job because in blogging hard

    work definitely pays off . . .

    • Tushar says

      thanks for the encouragement jignesh….
      this post is a result of my experience in blogging in past 3 years