The Blogger Story – Every Blogger Can Relate To

Actually, the lines written down are some dialogues………..

Blog! Blog! Blog! Blog!………

He Is the real blogger

Imagined a new idea for my website.

Hey! I gotta new thing.

He programmed the best.

He got the real idea.

Hey! What was the update today.

Any new directory that you can found.

Oh! God tomorrow is the page rank update.

Shit! the google panda update .

The page views are really amazing.

Oh! my blog went  down today.

I got the blue print of todays work on my blog.

Oh! God I forget to check my mail.

Lets design my whole website again.

How much I should charge for advertisements


A blogger start his day by simply seeing a dream in his mind and scream the word.

The blogger story

And I bring this up by the title………..

                                                       THE BLOGGER STORY.

There are many spheres in this universe like troposphere, stratosphere , biosphere , atmosphere etc.

But a blogger got its own i.e,

                                                              The blogosphere.

Where he found himself to be the real geek in computer technology and fills his blogosphere with all the weblogs existing in the world wide web.

And sees himself to the explosion in the popularity of blogging.

A blogger comes up with his career and starts it by saying,”now I am gonna be the one who will be entitled with…..

                                                        EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIES

But, wait the film starts with a healthy dialogue but every blogger experiences the big hurdles in blogging and sets up his mind by the quote.

                                                 “Be a newbie; as the more you know,

                                                                     The more you grow.”

Yes, when a blogger starts his career, he does’nt even know about anything in the real blogging .He just sets up his mind in writing some amazing post for his blog, but really he even don’t know what he is really doing .

“what the hell I am doing? My friends says I am a good writer but still I have no name……no traffic… :(

Their he leave’s his blog for months and starts surfing about the real blogging, and the technical how to of blogging .

Then the next step all goes to the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc where he starts following different bloggers and take the ideas of different views.

Even if he spends 2 to 3 months in blogging he still don’t have any confidence of checking HTML coding of his blog, as these things are really complicated for a new blogger.

That shows blogging is quite tough, and blogging does’nt  mean that a blogger just deals with the new ideas of writing skills.

A common man have a concept of website that the webdeigner has set up their whole mind in learning and dealing the HTML coding but it’s not true.

Actually it is a sort of combining many programming languages. Well I can list some of them which I have come upon in my blogging career of my six months of experience

1) xhtml

2) css

3) html

4) php

5)Java scripts

And many more………..

As I said a blogger spends months and months in his field but still his hand modulate while doing something new with his blog.

Lets have an example of mine-

Recently I have gone through a new comment system The DISQUS. Really amazing comment system and the day I decided that Its gonna be my part of my blog too.

So there was a step in which I have to literally select my whole template and press the delete button.

Well, that step made my ass burnt like a red-hot volcano.

That shows my real experience of being a blogger. Blogging is just not like playing hide and seek like kids.

These thing shows that bloggers are those who makes internet live even in the night, so that a common man gets informations even he wakes up.

Blogger works in night

Actually, blogging is a field which really needs patience to work out with .But seriously it makes you formal to every person in this world. And he introduce himself proudly with a suffix or prefix like…..

Hey! I’m the CEO and founder of this website


I am the proud owner of this website.

Even if you are just 11 years old and well experienced in this field with the fact that you have no degrees in your hands.

Young blogger

For explaining the above phenomena I gotta story….

As I said surfing internet is the real work for every blogger actually this line is the foundation of my story.

Two bloggers with no degrees in their hands, Studying in class 12th simply surfing the internet got upon a website.

The website deals with the small business who wants their business website. So their was an add-on the website that they want some content writers and their the two bloggers decided we gonna apply in this. Not like they want some money or something or they are going to crack a deal.

So the real story begins

(actually I am compiling the interview with some best dialogues so have a look.)

The interviewer was a MCA and both the bloggers were well experienced from 1 year.

The interview starts by introducing with each other by .

Hi, hello and all.

interviewer – so can I get you website link.

Bloggers- you can just type it in google.

(best part)

Interviewer- are you sure about your SEO skills.

Bloggers- damn sure!

Interviewer-(shocked) and said ok.

(again the best part)

Interviewer- so you have done something MCA or

Bloggers- no, we are just 12theis.

Interviewer- (literally asked ) so, what can I do for you.

Bloggers- nothing, we can do a deal as a part time as we have to study and you have to just pay for the renewal of our domains.

Interveiwer- you , just want this only.

Bloggers- yes!

So, that shows the real confidence of a blogger and the innocence of just getting their domains renewed. Bloggers are those who work even when they are in panties.

This story has no end as a blogger don’t stop even when he is ill he sets up his mind tries to write a new update for his blog.

I know you all are thinking about your own experiences in blogging so don’t let this story stop just continue this story by your precious comments on this post. And, by the end I look out for comment and  social sharing of my post. :)

And at last bloggers rocks.

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hey! i am arnob mukherjee. i am not a technical tech writer but yes i got a website which deals with the study of universe. And i have set my mind with the learning of to an extend to the cloud 9 about blogging really a very special thing for me.i am a dancer by birth and a blogger by passion.My principle to live is....... "THE MORE YOU KNOW. THE MORE YOU GROW"


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  1. says

    Hey harsh the above mentioned blogger journey is somewhat similar 2 mine and i was nt even aware of wat is a blog ? and importance of it and just created a blog and nt even had a glimse of it but past few months i hv being a vast research on blogging and i hd tried 2 learn maximum aspects of blogging and now decided 2 rebuild ma blog and take blogging as ma passion nt as ma hobby

    Harsh your comunity has always been a inspiration and a mood booster 4 me thanks 4 posting such awsome and informative post and we al newbie bloggers are waiting curiusly 4 al ur updates.

    Good luck wt ur projects.
    Shoutmeloud rocks

  2. Harmeet singh says

    Hello sir this post is very helpul for me.I am new to blogging and need such article for increase my knowledge in this field…(y)

  3. Nishant says

    Great Post Brother, I really enjoyed reading it.

    It was like you were standing before me and sharing your story, keep up the good work :-)

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    Your way of writing is awesome
    Your points are unique
    Your arguments are superb
    Your references are mind blowing
    Your satire is punchy
    Your humour is loud
    You are gem of a person

  5. Vishal Srivastava says

    Well written bro, an amazing article explaining the he truth behind blogging in very unconventional way. Hope we will see some more guest posts from you. Today i learned a new way of writing from this post.

    • says

      ya !!!! actually some what inspired from there about writing this post.
      that actually shows how crazy bloggers are………………

  6. Amal Rafeeq says

    Just loved it mate. Who said that Great information is just always the king? Well, something that gives excitement and pleasure while reading is the king too. You’re forcing me to read it all over again.

    Well put article mate. Thanks :)

  7. says

    Love it Arnob, you really captured the essence of a blogger and the trials and tribulations we go through day to day. We are always learning and patience is a real virtue in the blogosphere.