The 3 Phases of Email marketing

Sending e-mail with quality content is still one of the most powerful ways to market any product online. Forget about Twitter and Facebook for a second. I believe that email marketing is still number one.

This is how I’m doing it.

Email still works

Let me tell you this; it doesn’t matter if you’re going to send just one email, or do an entire email campaign, if it’s business related and you are looking to increase your sales, you should always go through the three phases of email marketing – and email marketing works, well, only if you do it right.

Most people read email, maybe not if you’re a kid, then you might be all about social media. But usually, the people you’re targeting with your business are not kids.

The 3 phases of email marketing

It’s all about creating valuable content, it always is, and it always will be. But it’s also about setting a goal, figure out what you want to accomplish with the email. And you should always evaluate the email based upon the statistics you get after you’ve sent it. Then repeat the procedure with what you’ve learned.

Phase 1 : Planning and setting your goal

Think about your emails as a method for you to build trust with your customers and your prospects. You shouldn’t think of it as a way of selling. It should be all about increasing expectations. You should plan your emails in a way that the people you send them to can’t wait to get them and open them. Think of your readers as as if they’re a pack of wolves waiting for food, the food is your email.

Ask yourself the following three questions;

– Why are you sending the email?
– What’s your goal with the email?
– Why would people want to read it?

No matter what the answers are, you should add building trust and increasing expectations as the real reason. The email is just a means to an end.

Phase 2 : The message

When you write the email, you should consider four things. The content should be motivational, it should create an emotional reaction, you should connect with the reader and what you have written should be memorable, it should stick to the reader.

Now, how are you going to do that?

I’m not saying it’s easy. What I’m saying is that you should do your best to write an email according to your goal and with awesome content. If you can’t, don’t send the email.

Phase 3 : Evaluate and repeat

You should always track both the open rates (how many people have opened your emails) and the clickthrough rates on the links in your email. This way you can evaluate how successful your email was.

If you don’t know how many people opened your email, how will you know if your subject (the title of the email) was any good?

If you don’t know the clickthrough rate, how will you know if you’ve written a quality message?

You need a way to evaluate the results, and you should be able to measure success.

Then, once you’ve evaluated the results, you should repeat the process. Start with the goal and planning the email, then write an email that sticks to the reader, then evalute the results and start over again. It’s the cycle of success.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Nick says

    Thanks Jens P.Berget i got what you are trying to explain basically we have to offer some thing to readers to signup for email subscription.

    • Jens P. Berget says

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. They need to be offered something interesting enough to give you their email address. The better gift, the more people will sign up.

  2. Nick says

    I’ve created my blog previous week and start posting content i want to know after how long should i use starting e-mail marketing and how it will be going to help me ?

    • Jens P. Berget says

      You should start building your list right away, but you shouldn’t use popups (because many of your readers will find them annoying, and they might not visit your blog again after they’ve seen the popup). Put a subscription form in the sidebar or below your content. And give away a free report/ebook to the people who signs up.

      Your goal with e-mail marketing is to build a relationship with your readers, and then, once in a while you tell them about products to buy. They’ll trust you, because of all the awesome content you’ve been giving away for free and they’ll buy from you.

      • Nick says

        I will start working on E-mail Marketing from now it will going to create most powerful relation between my readers. According to you i have to give away report/eBook I have not stuff like that ? so what should be offered to readers ?

        • Jens P. Berget says

          You could buy an ebook or report with private label rights (plr), just put your name on it and it’s yours (but it should be of high quality). Or you should convince your visitors that they need your newsletter… and add stuff like:

          Subscribe for free. Get new blog posts in your inbox, the monthly newsletter, exclusive subscriber-only resources and special offers.

  3. Vivek Parmar says

    email marketing is something i’m not much active or you can say not using it but soon looking to get started with this. As i’m in affiliate marketing and for it is necessary to get started

  4. Nihar says

    Great article.

    Recently, I have installed WP Mass Mail plugin. I am using it to communicate and make sure the my old readers can come back to the blog.

    This is also one type of email communication where i am marketing my blog.

    • Jens P. Berget says

      Hi Editha,

      Thanks a lot. It’s not easy to do email marketing, but it pays to be persistent. Test, and test again, and in the end you’ll understand what you should do to get success. It’s all about your relationship the people on your list.

  5. PR@ AlmostLikeEverything! says

    Thanks Jens, Your articles are always informative, i have a alternative to the spamming issue , me and one of my friend where discussing on this and what we decided was to Build a PDF format Book every week on some Topic [or you can include your weekly round up in it] which will be available for download, So once a week The Info. on the Ebook and the link is emaield to the subscribers, the interested people download it, if not they just ignore it, And dont even feel that they are spammed!

    • Jens P. Berget says


      That’s a good idea. But they’ll still get the email, and if they’re not expecting it (if you haven’t told them how often you’ll send it to them, and what they’ll be receiving)… they might still unsubscribe (but as long as it’s double option, they won’t file a spam complaint).

  6. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Great Post man. Email marketing is one of the best way to connect with your readers and make some money. I’m building my mailing list from last 5-6 months and it’s really an awesome way to make money.

    Thanks for sharing! Retweeted

    • Jens P. Berget says


      Thanks a lot for the feedback. Keep building your list, it’s the best way to connect with people.

  7. AM says

    Thats very informative, Jens.
    I also use email marketing a lot. But there is always the issue of spamming, when you do mass/bulk mailing.
    Do you have any soultions for that as well?

    • Jens P. Berget says

      I believe it all depends on what people expect from your emails. If you tell them before they join your list, and you are very specific, there shouldn’t be a problem.

      For instance, I always use double optin (they have to confirm that they want to be on my list and receive my newsletter). Then, I say that the newsletter will always be about Internet marketing tips, and they’ll receive it once a week, usually every thursday. Now, they’ll know what to expect. If I send them a sales message on monday, they might unsubscribe, because they didn’t expect it and it was not why they signed up for my newsletter.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  8. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Jens, wonderful article. Although I am not using any Email Marketing services right now, I have read a lot of articles about it these days and I am clearly convinced to get a Email Marketing service soon. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

    • Jens P. Berget says

      Hi Sathish,

      You should start using e-mail marketing. I believe it’s the single most effective way to earn money online. It’s how I sell most of “my” products (using affiliate marketing). I write recommendations and because I have a newsletter and a community of people who trust me, they buy what I recommend.

      Building trust and a tribe is what matters, only then will you be able the list to sell.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.