Top 10 Popular Technology Myths & Misconceptions

Myths and misconceptions are part of everyday life and coming to Technology, which is so widely spread from Windows to Mac, iPhone to Android, there are many such myths that people are not aware of. Knowing such Tech misconceptions will not only help you to work better but while shopping or doing normal tech stuff, you will have better productivity and insight.

Technology mythsThis post is my attempt to clean some of the popular Technology myths which has been around from ages, and we are not aware of it. Some myths which are revolving around this world since the beginning of computers and technology, that people of every age from elders of 1960’s to the current generation follow are going to be discussed in this post.

Technology Myths and misconception everyone should know:

Desktop Refresh – 

When I started using Windows, I used to use F5 key or right-click and refresh my desktop all the time. I always thought doing it will help making my PC faster but I was wrong. Desktop refresh helps only when you added a new file or program or shortcut on your desktop and it’s not visible instantly. It’s also helpful when any page of your’s is stuck. But, if you are in habit of hitting the refresh button all the time, it’s time to stop it, as it’s just a waste of time.

More mega pixels means better camera

More mega pixels means better camera and we always end up buying a costlier phone or Camera because of this. Well, believe it or not, this is one of the biggest technology myths that I have come across.  People also have a very big misconception that the main thing which matters in a camera is the amount of megapixel your camera has like people would prefer a 16MP camera than a 10MP camera but that’s not the thing.

If you think like the same than tell me one thing that if someone buys a DSLR which has a 14MP camera and another one buys a 16MP point & shoot which is better out of the two? Obviously the DSLR, so the other main factor which matters a lot is the type of lens and sharpness of the image. You should check out this article by David Pogue at Nytimes, where he explained why it’s a myth or better watch this embedded video below:

Background Task Killers In Mobile Devices – 

The main thing which someone looks in a Smartphone is the type of processor like if it has a  1GHz processor, dual-core or quad-core! etc. And people who have a smart phone like this which needs a lot of processing power and ram have a very bad habit of using task killers a lot because they thing that it will make their mobile device run faster. So, I would recommend you to not use these task killers very often, and should only use if you have a very old or outdated phone.

Jailbreaking iPhone is not illegal!

Another big technology myths related to popular iPhone and iPad is, Jailbreaking is illegal. Believe it or not, it’s not. If you jailbreak your iPhone or any iOS device, it’s not illegal. Jailbreaking is basically hacking your iOS device to remove restrictions. This has been officially confirmed by the copyright office.

Windows is full of viruses and Macs are safe from it –

People think that Windows is much more prone to viruses than Mac OS. The reason they think so is that about 80% of the computer industry is ruled by Windows and since they are more commonly used. Hackers have more attention towards Windows users. But this is not the case there are vulnerabilities towards Mac platforms also. You can check out top 10 deadliest Mac viruses here.

Tweak to Make your Computer Run Faster

Earlier in the days when I had that old PC which had like 256 MB of ram, Dual Core processor I was always searching for Tweaks that could make my computer run faster. Even till date if you type on YouTube “Make Windows 7 Run Faster” you will find thousands of results. I assure you that most of them are not working at all and some can even degrade your computer’s performance. So if you really want to Boost the performance of your computer then kindly go to a good reputed computer shop and get a new PC or upgrade the hardware inside.

Though another thing, you can disable many start-up services and system related service like Google update,  and others, which may help to speed up your system.

Password Protected Wi-Fi Networks Are Safe

So do you have WiFi network in your house and have a security key to protect it, then don’t think you are protected from someone else hacking into your network, this will surely protect your Wi-Fi from getting misused but not to a full extent. Hackers are very smart and have various ways to do these stuff but still I am not saying that using a WEP key is useless but for a Home Network it’s better to be on the safer side by using a WEP key.

Deleting Something From Recycle Bin Is Gone Forever

Do you think that if you delete something from your computer and then go to the desktop and right-click over your recycle bin and click on Empty then it is gone, then you might be wrong or even completely wrong . Because the file which you have deleted from the recycle bin is not gone completely. It’s icon might be gone from the computer, but the data is still on the hard drive. Do you know that there are certain programs available on the internet that can recover your data, they are the same thing.They search and go to the root of the file and recover your file from your hard drive.So if you want to completely delete your data from this world, then simple destroy it!

Drain all your device battery before charging next time – 

People who travel a lot have a habit to charge their device to 100% even if they have 80% remaining but still it helps them because they might be scared of being away from a power source. But it is not good to again and again charge your device even if it has 60% charging left. Research has said that people who do so can make their device battery die faster. If you are at home then it is better to first completely use up your device and then charge it finally at night. People should wait till the battery goes to as down as 20%.

64-Bit Vs. 32-Bit | Which runs faster

Do you think that 64-bit runs faster than a 32-bit operating system then it’s a big myth in your mind. The difference between a 32-bit and a 64-bit OS is that in a 64-bit operating system you can use RAM more than 4GB like if you have 8GB of ram in a 32-bit operating system then it will only use 4GB of it but if you have a 64-bit operating system then it will use it all.

Well, I’m sure many of you might be aware of some of these technology myths but many of them are new to you. If you want to share some other common tech related myths, do let us know via comment. If you find this article interesting, feel free to share it on Google plus and Facebook.

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Jasmeet Singh says

    I hope you are not an engineer. Because being an Electronics Engineer I know what does 64-bit processor means, A 64-bit processor can handle 64-bits in one machine cycle.

    Lets consider very basic example:
    You want to add two 64 bit numbers then using 64-bit system you will do it in one machine cycle. But in a 32-bit system you have to split the data into 32-bit data and then perform then operation which will consume at least 2 machine cycle, so performance of 32-bit will be slower. As the machine cycle is in range of nanoseconds so you will not be able to see the difference in performance during simple tasks(or the tasks which need only need 32-bit operations) but while doing complex task you can clearly see the difference.

    You may refer these links:

  2. Zenil Shroff says

    Very good points Harsh, even i was not aware of few points here. However Jailbreaking iDevice & rooting android is completely legal, its just that it voids warranty. Regarding speeding up pc. there are certain things that can be done without any clean-up software, such as stopping some services that aren’t used.

  3. Bharat Chowdare says

    All I can say is thanks for posting these misconceptions (If we look back and remember them, it would be fun). I’m not aware of a couple of things posted in this list and yes these myths have been around for ages.

  4. Tarun says

    Another Myth is
    Graphic cards with more RAM are faster
    More system RAM certainly helps but it is not necessarily in the case with video cards. Often, a better video chipset and/or faster clock speeds are more beneficial than more video RAM. For example, a 256MB 7600GT will produce more frames than a 512MB 7300 GT.
    The 7600GT has a much faster memory and core speeds that see it perform better in spite of having only half the memory as its slower sibling.

    • Ritish Verma says

      I had to fit top 10 so I chose these one.
      I hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to check my own website.

  5. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Well I was looking for this one since a long time. Though I already know most of these myths but you caught me in the 64 bit vs 32 bit one. Great Article By the Way