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    Top 10 IT Trends In 2013

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    Each year Gartner identifies trends and evolution in technology and how they affect specific fields. Some trends move slower than others, and some forms of evolution outperform any projected expectations but either way, it’s exciting to watch new generations of advanced technology develop and dominate fields like industry and communication right in front of our eyes. In the past, Gartner has highlighted trends like cloud computing, big data and media tablets and their significance in technology cannot be ignored.

    10 Technology Trends 2013 Top 10 IT Trends In 2013Garner’s list focuses on issues that have the potential to impact industry or enterprise in a significant way. Analysts for Gartner presented their projections for the IT technologies they believe will impact industry and enterprise the greatest over the next three years. The symposium was held in Orlando and focused on major forces including social media, mobile technology and information management among others. Here’s the list of the main IT trends to watch out for over the next four years:

    IT trends Prediction for 2013 and Beyond:

    Mobile devices

    Gartner predicts that when it comes to tech trends for 2013, PCs will have been overtaken by mobile phones as the most popular IT devices. They also project that in the next three years, about 80% of all cell phones in the market will be smartphones. Many of these devices will be operating on modified operating systems, and Windows will not be among the dominating software. Android and iOS will be in wide use.

    More over it will be good to watch the future of Windows mobile OS, as with With Windows 8 launch, Microsoft is trying to bring a unified solution for tablets and PC apps.

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile software tools have been classified under several categories and in the future, Gartner mobile applications will be operated by different tools, and no single tool will be able to control all applications. JavaScript and HTML5 will be pushed further into mainstream web apps. Other ‘native’ apps will still be in use but in less advanced functionality.

    Personal cloud

    PCs are gradually being replaced by personal cloud as the best place to store their content. Users subscribe to this service and operate under standard parameters, but their data is safe from any possible intrusion. We can see it in action with Windows 8 cloud backup and services like box.net offering free gigs of free data backup for Android and iOS OS.

    Corporate Showcase Apps

    Each organization needs a way to showcase its apps to vendors for marketing purposes. Gartner predicts that in the next three years, companies and organizations will have moved to mobile app platforms as a way to showcase their productions.

    Internet of things

    This is a concept used in IT to describe how in the future, physical devices and assets will have gotten more attached to the web. This concept is observed in the use of technologies such as pattern recognition, built in sensors, NFC payments and so on.

    Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing

    Projections suggest that by 2015, CIOs will have greater use and that they will be pushed in that direction by cloud computing. For this to happen, more strategies have to be formulated, and IT departments are working on how to increase its influence within organizations.

    Strategic Big Data

    More and more companies will start to abandon the concept of single data warehouse and are focusing on multiple systems and multiple data warehouses with professional management of crucial information.

    Actionable analytics

    Due to reduced costs in production, IT sectors are now in a better position to simulate any business process and with technologies like data warehousing and mobility, data analytics and such, simulation can be done anytime anywhere.

    In-Memory Computing

    This technology is meant to handle large volumes of data as used internally and externally. Gartner thinks it’s easier now to detect even the most minute correlations as they occur between events; measurements are made within a tenth of a millisecond.

    Integrated Ecosystem

    Over the last few years, we have seen gradual transitions into more advanced and integrated systems as a result of users looking to lower costs while improving security and keeping simplicity. In order for this to happen, companies have to look into combining hardware and software in packaged products. <Source>

    The degree to which each of these sections impacts technology remains to be seen but whatever the case, we can look forward to more integrated devices and more versatile and inclusive apps. There will be new tech trends for 2013, because there are advancements in technology every year, and new technology is always a hit for some amount of time before something smaller but better comes along.


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    Vishal Rai

    Yes I too agree with the point that mobile phones will sooner or later replace at least 50% of the PC’s. Due to the evolution of affordable android and wide support to different types of devices its a tech revolution. Even I too use my mobile more for browsing than on my desktop.
    By the way Great article VictorD.


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