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A Tech- Magic to make Travel Brilliant

A Tech- Magic to make Travel Brilliant

As much as technology has spoilt us it has bought us the sort of comfort not many of us could have imagined.  Thanks to technology and the internet we are closer than we have ever been to the places we want to know about. Yet once in a while it is good to close Google Earth and move on to actually exploring a new place. I have always associated traveling with lots of fun, spending time to relax, visiting new places and coming home refreshed. One of the toughest choices to make when traveling is which hotel to stay at. One name that always crops up at the top end of good places to stay is Marriott Hotels.

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Marriott Hotels recently launched a new Travel Brilliantly rebranding campaign. The purpose of this is highlight how the hotel group is enabling travelers to blend work and play, leisure and business, productivity and relaxation seamlessly and effortlessly. As part of this rebranding they have been asking consumers to contribute their ideas to reimagine what developments could help shape the future of travel.

I was recently thinking about how technology can help you to travel brilliantly and there were several ideas that popped into my head. Some such as NFC Tags to smart payments using mobile apps are likely to be utilized by only a very selected few guests.

Thinking a little harder, I was taken back to my time in Manali when with a couple of friends, we had encountered rainfall like never before. It rained cats and dogs and a few pigs too and we had to borrow a couple of umbrellas from the hotels just to walk a mile in that rain to get ourselves some credit for our phones.

Imagine a scenario where the hotel gives you an umbrella as you enter the hotel and it is not just an ordinary umbrella but one that has inbuilt GPS. Not only will it protect you from  harsh weather conditions but it will also help you to find your way in case you find yourself lost in a new city.

We have all borrowed umbrellas from hotels in the past and instead of having the same old standard black umbrellas, having an umbrella that is technologically enabled would definitely enhance the appeal of the experience of staying at a Marriott. It would be a bit like personal assistant in a new city, you could walk around as you wish without fearing the weather or feeling you might lose the way back to hotel. Not just GPS, if there could be a pedometer attached it would help us calculate the distance we have walked all day and finally we could do away with those fit bits. A true smart umbrella, unlike any out there.

I have always maintained that one of the primary aims of this blog is to generate thoughts among our readers. I am sure you all must have some ideas in your head about how use of technology can help you travel brilliantly.

If that is the case, go ahead and write in your thoughts here and your idea may just be picked by Marriott Hotels and bought to reality.

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