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    WordPress Checklist

    Basic WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Blog

    February 7, 2012
    Basic WordPress Plugins

    I believe there is no point repeating Why WordPress is best blogging platform and Benefits of WordPress. Harsh has already shared a handy guide to Install WordPress, or you can follow his WordPress guide for more comprehensive information about WordPress. Here, I’m going to list some of the basic WordPress plugins, which you should consider installing on your blog from day one. Most of these are free basic Wp plugins for your blog, and couple ...

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    How to Set up WordPress Blog [CheckList]

    January 18, 2011

    WordPress is one of those Blogging platform, which changed the life of many people and made professional Blogging and managing a website easy. Installing a WordPress blog is very effortless these days, especially with one-click installers that comes with most web hosts. The workload only comes in when you start setting up your brand new blog. If you have not set up WordPress blog before, you can follow the checklist below to setup a basic ...

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