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    Best WordPress Anti-Hotlinking Plugin : ByREV WP-PICShield

    September 17, 2013
    Google image search traffic

    I have earlier talked about hotlinking few times, and shared .htacess code to prevent image hotlinking from certain domain. Image hotlinking is really bad for website owners, as it increases the server load, uses your server bandwidth, and more over other hotlinkers are illegally using your work. Today, I will be sharing a free plugin call BYREV WP-PicShield, which is useful to prevent image hotlinking and it solves one major problem of Google image search ...

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    How to Do SEO of Image Based WebSite

    May 2, 2012
    Thumbnail image for How to Do SEO of Image Based WebSite

    How many of you heard about Pinterest? An Image based Social bookmarking and sharing site, which has become one of the top social networking site in no time. And it’s not rocket-science that Images with social feature made this site so big. Anyhow, here we will not be talking about Pinterest but we will look into the Factor on which Pinterest run: Images and Websites based on Images. Images and videos are always preferred and ...

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    Watermark Reloaded Plugin : Watermark Images on WordPress

    June 20, 2011

    We all know that there is no end to content theft. People not only steal your text but also images causing your bandwidth loss too. How about using those images to brand your blog and also drive traffic?  Watermarking is one way, which you can use to drive traffic from images. Though there is no easy or very effective way to add watermark to previously uploaded images into WordPress, but here is a plugin which ...

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    Watermark your Images using Windows Live writer

    January 20, 2010

    Last time when I shared Blogging tools, I can’t Blog without, I talked about Windows live writer and now I’m going to share something interesting which you can do. Adding watermark to your images is an important part of branding and something we highly recommended in our article on How to SEO optimize PhotoBlogs. Windows Live writer is one of the ultimate blogging tool for bloggers. We have already covered many useful tutorials on windows ...

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