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    Things to Look Before Buying Premium WordPress Plugins

    February 25, 2013
    Premium WordPress plugins

    As a blogger, we always tend to install stuff which are “The best”. Personally, when I have to add a new plugin or buy anything online or offline, I tend to look out for product which are certainly the best in my price budget. At certain instance, I don’t mind paying extra if the product is worth extra hole in my pocket. When it comes to premium WordPress plugins, there are plenty of them, and ...

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    VaultPress Review : WordPress Premium Backup System

    August 30, 2010

    Backing up your blog timely is one thing which everyone should be doing every day. Though, it’s good to have an automated sustem and we have already shared ways to backup WordPress. Today, we are extending the list with VaultPress review, which is a premium backup service from WordPress parent company AutoMattic. 5 months back I posted about Premium Back service from AutoMattic, Automattic is the same company behind WordPress. I got the golden ticket ...

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