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    4 Elementary Blogging Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

    November 26, 2013

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Picasso,  Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Daniel-Day Lewis, Sachin Tendulkar, Elvis Presley, Jon Morrow. Well, these are another round of legends and wonders of various arts. So you might be  wondering what has a connection between these legend’s legacy and blogging? Is that anything related with 4 Folds? Are they going to reveal some backbreaking never heard secrets? Keep Calm and believe in me, as I’m going to unveil the key of mastering ...

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    How to Join Bing Rewards Program & Earn More Credits

    October 5, 2013
    Bing Gamification levels

    We have already seen what is gamification and no doubt it’s a great way to create a community and more engagement. Badges, rewards are a great way to make users use your website more, and engage more to earn better points. Bing Rewards is an initiative by Bing team to make users use Bing more and also make bing their homepage. In this article I will cover all important detailed to get started with it, and ...

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    10 Tips For Writing An Outstanding Guest Post

    April 17, 2013

    Guest blogging has gained a lot of popularity lately due to the Google penguin updates. The need for quality content has been on high demand as there is increased awareness for bloggers to network and build relationships to grow their brand and drive traffic. None the less, backlinks which you can generate via guest blogging is priceless. Guest blogging is the act of writing an article for another blog as a guest author for the ...

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    How to Enable Threaded Comments on Facebook Pages

    March 26, 2013
    Enable threaded replies on Facebook pages

    Facebook page is all about engaging with users, and till now we use tagging feature on pages to reply to a comment. This was useful as users get notification for a replied comment, but for other users this is not so handy, as one have to scroll all the way up to see the comment for which reply is made. This becomes a headache, when you are checking replies on a Facebook post with 100+ ...

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    How to Add Gamification to your Website to Increase Engagement

    January 18, 2013

    Imagine a situation that you have hundreds of members on your website but none of them is active or your blog have a steady flow of targeted traffic, but none of them is showing any genuine interest to post a comment. Read: How to make a user-friendly website Ok, let me assure you first that you are not the one and only person in this universe facing this weird problem. There are hundreds of websites drawing ...

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