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    Doshare Chrome Extension: Makes Google Plus Post Scheduling Easy

    August 8, 2012
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    Despite of Google plus being one of the important Social networking site for Bloggers (It improves search engine ranking), I hate it due to lack of very few third-party applications, to automate the process. Earlier I have shared How to Auto publish blog posts to Google plus pages and today, I’m talking about Doshare chrome extension which will let you post anything from Chrome browser and also let you schedule status update on Google plus. ...

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    10 Facebook Status Ideas that will Always get Likes

    March 3, 2011

    Facebook Status Updates are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends and get people excited about what you have to say. A fact: No one likes to read boring and sad status updates. Here I’m sharing some awesome Facebook status ideas that will help you to get more likes and more comments. These are ideas for status updates, and you can modify it and innovate your own Facebook status ideas based on ...

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    4 Important Article Publishing Tips for Bloggers

    December 15, 2010

    When we talk about a perfect blog, it’s counted on many factors that includes influence, search engine ranking, money coming from blog and obviously how many people are talking about it offline. To create a perfect blog, it takes lots of effort and we work day and night to produce quality content and market it properly. You might be interested in reading: How to Deliver Quality Blog Content? 5 Secrets Revealed for Creating Viral Content < Image ...

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    How to Find Balance When You are Blogging In College Days?

    November 9, 2010

    The Key thing to Life, Is to Balance! That’s right! Balance and the right attitude towards life is very important for keeping up with your career and passion such as blogging! Sometimes the students can come across great problems when it comes about finding the right balance between their Studies and Blogging or Socializing on Social Networks! Even I have seen my self struggling while keeping the balance and getting on to my schedules to ...

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