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    How to Invite other users to use Your Adsense account

    July 19, 2012
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    How many of you blog in a team or have two or more friends managing a Blog? Sharing the same Adsense account for making money from your blog and use single Adsense login id to see the stats. Now, here is a good news for all such users who share their Adsense account with someone. Adsense team added multiple users options, which will let you add another users to access your Adsense account. Similar: Google plus ...

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    Grant Access to Your Gmail Account with Email Delegation

    December 17, 2010

    Gmail is allowing you to manage your multiple accounts more efficiently by introducing a new feature known as “Email Delegation”. Email Delegation is a feature which allows you to grant access to other Gmail user to manage your account. With the help of Email Delegation feature other Gmail users whom you have grant the access can check your inbox and reply to emails on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about other factors chat or ...

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