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    Migrating Traffic

    How to Keep Your Traffic Stable When You Change Your Domain

    July 19, 2011

    You may or may not know, getting a top-level domain is important in making your blog more better and great. Sites like Google Adsense and Buy Sell Ads accept only sites which have custom domains. So, there are many chances that you would want to change your domain name but many people are scared to upgrade to a paid domain because they think that the domain might take their current traffic and the new domain would ...

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    WordPress.com to Self Hosted WordPress blog Migration Made easy

    October 5, 2010

    Many people start blogging with free blog and once their blog start getting traffic and exposure, migrating from one platform to another one is always an headache. Specially if you are paranoid about SEO and search engine traffic. We already have solution for BlogSpot to WordPress and WordPress.com to WordPress.org migration. Specially WordPress to WordPress.org migration is easy as you will be dealing with same platform but again for non technical user, migration process is ...

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    How to Redirect Traffic from a Blogspot blog to Another Blog

    September 17, 2009

    Most of the Blogger start with a blogspot blog, and later on they move to wordpress. Many of them migrate their blog to wordpress and some of them leave   blogspot blog behind. If you are migrating to self hosted wordpress blog and keeping the same niche best advice will be migrate your blogspot to wordpress.Though in case if you old blogspot blog does not fit your new niche, instead of leaving it like that, ...

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