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    How Not to Get Penalized by Next Google Penguin Update

    August 19, 2012
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    If you keep an eye on SEO industry update, you would know current most talked topic is Matt Cutts statement on upcoming Penguin algo change. Till now, there is only one major Penguin update which happened till now, and in recent SES San Francisco conference Matt Cutts added: “If you remember, in the early days of Panda, it took several months for us to iterate on the algorithm, and the Panda impact tended to be ...

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    Few Blogging Questions and My Answers

    August 9, 2012
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    This is another round of question answers, and here I will be answering some of the questions related to Blogging, asked by ShoutMeLoud readers. Usually, when a reader Email me, I try to answer them directly via Email but at the same time it depends upon how much time I can put into answering individual question. Writing an article related to that questions will help more people, as I’m sure many other user will have ...

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    12 Best Practices To Generate Backlinks to Your Website

    July 18, 2012
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    When it comes to generating backlinks for your website, there are a few practices that can help you get the most out of the work you are doing. It’s important to take a look at the best practices to help generate backlinks to your website and take them into consideration in everything you do. When building links to your site, don’t only focus on adding links but your other goal should be, driving traffic and ...

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    Blog Commenting – A Practical Guide for Bloggers

    February 18, 2012
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    Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have been learning about Blogging & SEO from long period & one of the most asked question and talked topic here is backlink building. No matter what, apart from OnPage SEO, backlink plays a vital role in ranking of your site. Harsh has shared article marketing campaign strategy to build backlinks, which is no doubt highly effective but it needs time. So, we will look into another easy way to generate ...

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    Guest Posting or Article Marketing : Which is Better for Backlink?

    February 3, 2012
    Guest Posting or Article Marketing

    When ever we talk about getting good search engine ranking, we talk about backlinks. Backlink building is an important aspect of SEO and it shows to the search engine how many other websites trust your site. There are many ways to build backlinks and earlier we have shared 101 ways to build backlinks, today we will look into the aspect of factor: Which is better for Link building? Guest posting or Article Marketing? From a ...

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    How to Do Link Building Using Twitter

    August 5, 2011

    It is a known fact that Twitter links are ‘nofollow’- but do not let this stop you from engaging in link building via Twitter. The point to be noted here is that Twitter links will help you build your credibility to a great extent. Moreover, these links will also help you move up in Search Engine rankings. What is the one of the biggest benefit of Twitter link building? Well, you receive traffic and clicks ...

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    4 Effective Link Development Strategies for SEO and Traffic

    April 24, 2011

    Let’s face it, old school link building is dead, gone are the days when all that mattered was link volume, where you can get links from web 2.0 sites and make your way to the first page of Google. Today SEOs need to approach the task more like a public relations exercise, where quality of links matters more than quantity. In this article I will discuss four great link development strategies. 4 Easy to implement ...

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    How Many Backlinks We need To Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

    November 29, 2010

    Link building is all about building your site’s reputation with the search engines because the higher the reputation of your site the more and more of your pages will rank high for your targeted keywords. So it’s reasonable to say the more links you have from other sites to yours, the better. Building links to a site is one of the daunting and less fun tasks involved in building an e-business. But since it is necessary ...

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