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    Google Panda

    How to Write Content That Google will Love [Panda World]

    May 1, 2012

    Last year, when Google panda striked the blog-sphere, it was a terrible moment for many Webmasters. Many content writer lost their job and with latest Penguin update, many SEO’s and link builders are about to lose their job. Now, with the way SEO is changing, for a newbie and young Blogger, Recession proof Profession might not be the same. I’m not going to scare you here, as Google is not really an evil and one who has followed all ...

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    Google Penguin Update : Fight Against Web Spam

    April 27, 2012
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    It’s been more than a year that we hated Panda and seems like now it’s time for another animal to be hated by Webmasters. Google Penguin update is the name of recent Google algo update which happened couple of days back. Matt Cutts has confirmed the same with his recent tweet. Read: Google Algorithm Updates 1998-2012 Like all other update, this update affected the 3% of search engine results and affected a great number of ...

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    5 Proven Ways For Google Panda Optimization

    April 24, 2012

    Google panda when launched in Feb 2011, I never thought it will affect the whole online internet marketing industry. Many businesses got wiped out and companies started kicking out content writers, link builders and many more. When Panda was launched, people thought it’s just one of those major updates which happens once in a while, but after panda Google started rolling out series of changes month after month and finally it’s time to learn about ...

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    Post Panda/Penguin SEO Strategy for Bloggers

    April 20, 2012
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    Last year (2011) when Google Panda rolled out, many Bloggers expected it like just another Google algorithm change but honestly it changed the Blogging industry big time. Every professional Blogger has to re-work on their strategies. I have already shared a guide on how to recover from Google panda and for people who are badly struck with new Google Panda algorithm, I also offer personal Panda recovery consultancy. Read: Google new Algo Google Penguin One thing, which people have ...

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    Google Panda WordPress Plugins to Kick Panda Back to The Jungle

    April 7, 2012
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    It was one scary night, when Google decided to roll out a wild animal on the farm of Bloggers call Panda. When ShoutMeLoud got hit by Panda, I was stunned and realize, I must be doing something wrong that’s why I got hit and similarly any other blogger who got struck by panda traffic drop, we must be making mistakes in terms of anything (Content, SEO , Backlinks), and that’s why Panda hurt him hard. ...

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    How to Recover from Google Panda Effect

    December 29, 2011

    Google Panda is one of the most talked SEO topics in 2011, and somehow Panda turns out to be good for search engines in terms of quality. But, for many it turns out to be a devil. Here I will be sharing some working tips to recover from Google Panda. Before we move ahead with panda recovery tips, I would like you to know Google Panda is a domain level penalty. What I mean is, ...

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    Google Panda Minor Update December 19th

    December 23, 2011

    Panda Update 19th December: Last month Google rolled out a Panda update on 19th November and this time Google rolled out last Panda update of the year on 19th December. I can clearly see an impact on ShoutMeLoud traffic and increase by 20% which is a good sign. Though, this time again panda update was good and bad for some but overall people who have been working hard, panda is paying them really well. You ...

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    Google Panda Fail: SEXY ANGELICA DANCE Search Result

    November 3, 2011

    We all know about Google panda and how good and bad it is. No doubt, despite of so many iteration, Panda updates are not perfect and that’s’ why we have seen many changes in our Keyword ranking in last couple of months. Needless to mention, effect in traffic because of that, good for some and worse for many. Anyways, here is a nice result spotted by @Nirmaltv who found some weird result for one of ...

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