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    google panda updates

    How to Fix Google Panda Penalized Website : Where to Start?

    April 30, 2013
    Google Panda Fix

    It’s been long I have talked about Google Panda and other algorithm updates, and this post is extending our Google Panda algorithm series post. First of all, Google rolled out last panda update (Google Panda 25th) around mid of March 2013, and this will be the last known update, as Matt Cutts confirmed that Panda is now part of Google search algorithm and now it will not be pushed manually <Source>. This will be a ...

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    Google Panda 24: First Panda data refresh of 2013 Confirmed

    January 23, 2013

    Time is gone, when we used to complain about Panda updates. Panda algorithm is now a part of Google search algorithm, and periodically Google keeps updating the algo or refreshing the data. Finally we are in 2013 and Google just tweeted about first Panda data refresh of the year 2013. If you are confused between Panda update and Panda data refresh, here is quick one for you: Panda algo update: When Google make some changes ...

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    Google Confirmed Panda Update 21 : 1.1% Query Affected

    November 7, 2012

    I could see a big traffic change for few of my blogs starting form 5th November 2012. Initially I thought it’s a Monday effect as 4th Nov was Weekend, but similarly I could see many bloggers asking in the Webmaster forum about traffic change from 5th November. Today (7th November), Google confirmed about the panda data refresh which affected less than 1.1 English queries. Panda data refresh rolling out. ~1.1% of English queries noticeably affected. ...

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    Google Panda 20th Update : 2.4% English Search Impacted

    October 10, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Google Panda 20th Update : 2.4% English Search Impacted

    Last week I talked about Google exact match domain update which was launched on 28th September 2012 and surprisingly at the same time, Google also rolled out a major Google Panda update. According to SEL, this major panda update happened on 27th September 2012 and almost 2.4% search engine queries for English language is impacted with this update. This is the 20th iteration of Panda update and changing the name convention for Panda updates, it’s call ...

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    Panda 4.0 Launched and Google Unnatural Links Warning Drama

    July 26, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Panda 4.0 Launched and Google Unnatural Links Warning Drama

    Last week seems to be really bad for Webmaster as Google webmaster tool unnatural link warning gave sleepless night to many Webmaster. Though, before we talk about it, another big news is related to Panda 4.0. It’s 26th of the month and like all other months, Google has released an update to their algo and as we following our algo change nomenclature, Panda 4.0 hit the globe. Panda 4.0 and work around: As I explained in ...

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    Google Panda Attack on Japan & Korea

    July 18, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Google Panda Attack on Japan & Korea

    Before I start with latest Panda attack on Japan and Korea, let me take you back to the history. It was dark day/night of Feb 23rd, when Google released the most dangerous SEO animal “Google Panda” on web. That’s the name of Algorithm change, Google has given to their latest algo where they wanted to improve the quality of search. Now, after one and half-year when I look at what Google tried to do, I ...

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    Google Algorithm Updates and Changes 1998-2013 [Infographic]

    July 14, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Google Algorithm Updates and Changes 1998-2013 [Infographic]

    Google is most popular search engine at the time of writing and many online businesses depends on Google Algorithm. Google algorithm is the set of rules and expressions which determine how a webpage will rank in Google. In simple word, when you search for any query “SEO changes”, this algo will decide the placement of search results. For any online business and Bloggers, it’s important to keep an eye on Google algorithm updates and changes. ...

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    Google Panda 3.8 Rolled out: What To do Next?

    June 27, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Google Panda 3.8 Rolled out: What To do Next?

    Google updates it’s algo or refresh the data every month and with every month data refresh, we can see the impact on our blog traffic. Google has confirmed about the latest Panda 3.8 algo data refresh rolled out on Monday 25th June. You can bookmark Google algo change page, to keep an eye on latest panda and penguin updates. As reported by official Google Twitter profile, Google has confirmed the same in a tweet: This data ...

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