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    Google friend connect

    Use Google Friend Connect to Send Newsletter To Members

    November 20, 2009

    It’s been long I have written something about Google friend connect. I have written about the importance of such social media widgets in terms of building community. I know the advantages of Facebook fan page, but Google friend connect always seems alien to me, because I could not see any direct advantages of it. I have asked in several forum but never got any answer on the usefulness or advantage of Google friend connect apart ...

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    6 Ways to Rule social Networking Website and Etiquette

    September 27, 2009

    Number of social networking sites are rising day by day, and people now a days, spend more time online, than meeting people in real-life. This also made social networking site like Facebook, a part of our life. Unlike old time, now we share all the stuffs like Where you are at (Checkin), what you doing, photos of all the events, and so on.. Similarly, there are many more sites like Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, that we ...

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