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    Google Made Domain Verification Easy With Godaddy & eNom

    June 5, 2012
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    Domain verification has always been a headache for newbie, specially when you have to verify domain ownership in Google apps or Google Webmaster tool. Earlier, Google allow domain ownership verification using many methods like “Meta tag” “DNS record” “Upload file”, but they require a little bit of technical knowledge. I always wonder, how a newbie Blogger, who just started Blogging manage to verify domain, as tutorial changes with theme and domain registrar. And obviously, not everyone ...

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    How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate Program

    June 28, 2010

    Somehow I enjoy Godaddy domain service because they keep offering some great discount. Like recent one is 99cents domain from Godaddy: SOCCER99. Godaddy also has an affiliate program, promoting it you can make some money. Since Godaddy offers are appealing, you can easily make some good money. Last time when I checked Godaddy affiliate program, one can sign up with their affiliate program using commission Junction. Which is also a very popular program for affiliate ...

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    How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    June 8, 2009

    Domain parking is a big business and we have already talked about most expensive domain names. Apart from domain flipping, you can also make money via Adsense for domain. In simple words, you can put Adsense ads on Parked domains and when a visitor land on your parked domain, from search or from referral, you will still be making money under adsense PPC program. Update : Here is a bad news for Adsense for parked ...

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