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    Facebook Spam

    Addicted To Facebook? 5 Signs Which Will Prove You Right

    September 30, 2013
    Facebook Addiction

    It is no secret that Facebook has taken over some part of our lives and now we are an inevitable part of it. And with great confidence I can say that the first thing that almost everyone of this ‘Internet generation’ does after waking up is to check their Facebook accounts. One would prefer being active on Facebook as more worthy of their time rather than other important obligations and work. Facebook addiction has now ...

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    Facebook Page Feature : Block Words and Profanity Blocklist

    July 8, 2013
    Facebook fan page

    Facebook page is one of the best free marketing tool out there, and when you work hard to grow your Facebook page fans, you also need to keep a check on what’s happening inside your comment section. Specially, when you have a very active Facebook community around your brand, you need to be active all the time to keep a check on spam comments and profanity. ShoutMeLoud Facebook page is now a community of 50K+ ...

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    Facebook Fan Page: How to Permanently Ban a Spammer

    September 4, 2010

    If you are owner of any popular Facebook fan page one thing you will encounter on regular basis is link spam. Many people will comment along with their blog link or many people will try to advertise on your Fan page about their services. Here is a quick tutorial post which will help you to report and ban such spammer. Flag the spammer: This is the first thing which you need to do. Click on ...

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