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    5 Benefits of Using Facebook Comments for your Blog

    March 29, 2013
    Facebook commenting system

    Blogging evolved as a platform for people to express what they have to say. And as any conversation goes, blogging is almost always two-sided. Most of the popular blogs have comments enabled, and they use various platforms to deal with managing them. Even Seth Godin, the master marketer who does not allow comments on his popular blog, says comments are terrific. Comments often help blogs build a community. So when you are considering what to do ...

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    Google Started Indexing Facebook Comments & 3rd Party Commenting System

    November 2, 2011

    Back in March 201 when I informed you about launch of Facebook commenting system, one major problem which I mentioned was losing the SEO value which you get because of Facebook comments. If you not aware, comments actually helps to increase the value of your comments and needless to mention only useful comments. Facebook commenting system actually helps you to bring the social power of Facebook on your Website and it’s independent of platform. Here ...

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    How to Add Facebook Comments to BlogSpot Blogs

    August 15, 2011

    BlogSpotr and Facebook are two most widely used free service. Blogger provides you an opportunity to publish your content and earn from it and Facebook on the other hand helps you to stay connected to your friends 24*7. If you are a BlogSpot user then you must be outraged by its comment system, so am I. Recently I came across Facebook Comment Plugin and found it really amazing and tried to integrate it with my ...

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