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    How to Avoid Getting your Blog Posts Copied

    August 16, 2012
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    How Does it feel when your hours of work researching, writing and proof-reading gets leeched without any token of appreciation like link back to your blog or an acknowledgement. There are hundreds of thousands of auto blogs which fuel on RSS feed aggregation and pure plagiarism. I wouldn’t bother if my blog has considerably huge authority. I evidenced few of my articles from my relatively new blogs without much backlink background getting scraped and the leechers outranking my ...

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    DMCA Takedown Penalty Added as New Factor in Google Ranking

    August 11, 2012
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    Plagiarism and piracy is something which is not new to Internet. Every day, we see lots of torrents and pirated content on the Web. For a Blogger, seeing their content copied somewhere is nothing new and we often file a DMCA takedown request to remove such content from Web index. Specially after First Google panda launch, plagiarism content become an issue and we have seen sites copying content ranked higher in many cases. In last one ...

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    How to fight back to content Theft (Plagiarism)

    August 31, 2010

    Content theft is one of BIG issue with genuine blogger who really think, research and then write some meaningful content for their readers. I had seen few bloggers who just copy – paste from some blog post and keep posting on their Blog in order to have more visitors and money. They are doing this knowingly – unknowingly seriousness about this issue. They are making Duplicate Content on web, not giving backlink or Credit to ...

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    How to Report Blog Posts Copy Spam to Fight Against Plagiarism

    April 29, 2009

    Few months back we talked about copyscape service under title Is someone copying your blog? Copyscape is an online service which helps you to find out who are copying your blog posts. If someone is copying your blog post that is called Plagiarism. There are many reasons for which people copy your blog post. Lack of understanding (Mostly newbie’s) Spam blogs ( To get traffic and authority) MFA blogs (Made for adsense blogs) It could ...

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    Confession of a Blogger

    November 6, 2008

    Initial days of blogging is always full of many mistakes, and we learn from it. Today, I’m writing this article to make a confession. A silly mistake which I made unintentionally, and wanted to confess here to get myself out of self-guilt. Before I start with my confession I would like to share one mistake that might hamper my reputation, but since my readers are my asset, so I prefer to confess, rather then letting them ...

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