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    How to Join Bing Rewards Program & Earn More Credits

    October 5, 2013
    Bing Gamification levels

    We have already seen what is gamification and no doubt it’s a great way to create a community and more engagement. Badges, rewards are a great way to make users use your website more, and engage more to earn better points. Bing Rewards is an initiative by Bing team to make users use Bing more and also make bing their homepage. In this article I will cover all important detailed to get started with it, and ...

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    EasyWPSEO 1.8 Plugin Fixed LSI Keyword Feature

    March 14, 2013
    EasyWPSEO Bing LSI Key

    Last time when I compared EasyWPSEO with SEOPressor, I mentioned what made me kick out EasyWPSEO, and what made me install SEOPressor. From last few months LSI keyword feature of EasyWPSEO was broken, and finally after a long wait, Chris (EasyWPSEO creator), launched an updated version of EasyWPSEO, which fixed the LSI keyword feature, and it’s working now. Read: Use LSI Keywords for ranking higher in search results What’s new in EasyWpSEO 1.8? The only addition ...

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    How to find Bing Search API for SEOPressor LSI Settings

    January 25, 2013
    LSi feature SEOPressor

    Earlier, I have shared review of SEOPressor, and as I promised, I will be sharing tutorial and guides to use SEOPressor (SEO Professor) plugin. As I mentioned, SEOPressor 5 got LSI feature which will help you to rank higher in searches. To activate SEOPressor LSI settings, you need to get Bing Search API key from Windows Azure marketplace. It’s free, and here in this quick guide I will share how to get your Bing API ...

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    Getting Started With Bing Webmaster Tools

    August 2, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Getting Started With Bing Webmaster Tools

    When it comes to search engine optimization of a Website, we should make sure we optimize our site for all the search engines and not just one. Google is most popular search engine at the moment followed by Bing and others, and from last few months traffic coming from Bing search is increasing. Seems like Google algo changes which created lots of negative buzz, made Microsoft worked hard on their search engine and they have been ...

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    5 Handy Search Tips for Bing Search Engine

    September 26, 2010

    Bing Search Engine, which was earlier known as MSN Search or Windows Live search is a web based search engine service of Microsoft. In this new Bing Search Engine various new and advanced features are added the most useful changes are the listing of search suggestions, left side navigator pane, sub-links, display of customer service number etc. Also, bing integrates with Facebook to bring more personalized search results. Like Google, bing also have many shortcuts, ...

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    How to Optimize Your Blog for Bing Search Engine?

    May 16, 2010

    When ever we talk about search engine optimization, we mostly refer to most used search engines. At the time of writing, Google and Bing are two most popular search engines, and Yahoo search is gearing up. Today, I will be talking about Search engine optimization of your blog on Bing Search, and some of the working ranking factors for Bing Search. Some questions are :- I want to do Search engine optimization for Bing—what should ...

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