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    How to Use JetPack Auto Publicize Feature For Social Media Automation

    November 17, 2012
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    Personally I’m not a big fan of Social media automation but when you are managing multiple Websites, automating social media sharing is your best friend. We have already covered few of the Social media automation technique for Bloggers earlier and if you have missed it, you can read about it from below posts. Today, I will be talking about Jetpack new feature call “Publicize” which will auto share your blog content on multiple Social networking ...

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    Mutual Tweeting to Grow Tweets and Drive Related Traffic to your Blog

    August 18, 2011

    It is truly said that Blogging is more productive when it’s a team work or working in collaboration. It’s not like you can’t grow when you working alone but working in a team gives you more traffic and exposure in short-term. In this post I’m talking about one less spoken topic that is Feed exchange for mutual Tweeting As a blogger, it’s not hard for me to find the other bloggers in the same niche ...

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    Why you Should Tweet your Post Multiple Times?

    January 14, 2010

    We have been talking a lot about Twitter lately and if you have missed How to get more followers on Twitter, I highly recommedn you to read it. Twitter is one of the top 5 Traffic source for ShoutMeLoud. I often get into discussion with my fellow bloggers on the way of tweeting the post. Most common question I was asked is : Is it good to tweet your post multiple times or just tweet ...

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