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    How to Find your Blog Demographics Using Google Analytics

    April 24, 2013

    “Know your audience“, this is one of the advises which you will get in every aspect of business. From a blogging perspective, it’s very important to know our current demographic of our blog. If you are wondering what is demographic, here is a quick explanation: A demographic is a measure of type of audience reading your blog. It’s based on various things like: Age Location Sex Devices uses Browser used and so on… Earning potential ...

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    How to Check Alexa Rank For Specific Country

    December 24, 2012
    Alexa country Ranking

    Alexa is the Amazon Web Company which lets you to check your website’s ranking Globally. It determines your ranking after considering a lot of factors like your website’s traffic, pageviews, keyword ranking etc. When your website starts gaining good amount of web traffic alexa rank determine your site’s global position, that where it actually stands. How does Alexa Ranking Work? When you type your website’s name at Alexa Search bar, Alexa will show you your ...

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    PHP Code to Get Alexa Rank and Site Linking

    August 22, 2012
    PHP alexa Rank

    Alexa, (an Amazon company), provides traffic data, global traffic rank and other information on websites. It ranks sites based on tracking information of user of its Alexa toolbar. Therefore, only webpages viewed by those with toolbar installed are counted, which makes the data biased. Furthermore, accuracy of low traffic websites may be questionable. Nevertheless, many advertisers and brokers use your Alexa rankings to approve or advertise on your website. Recommended for you: My Top 5 ...

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    Understand Alexa Parameters of your Blog that Advertisers note

    August 20, 2012
    Thumbnail image for Understand Alexa Parameters of your Blog that Advertisers note

    As the owner of a blog, you are its webmaster. It is essential to understand various parameters that are used to used to judge a website.  There are many sites like Alexa, Compete.com, SEMRUSH which shows any blog traffic and ranking stats. These sites show many details about your traffic and keyword ranking.  Specially, when it comes to getting advertisement for your blog, a good stats on these sites, helps you to increase the chances ...

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    How to Submit Website to Alexa?

    June 6, 2012
    Thumbnail image for How to Submit Website to Alexa?

    We have talked a lot about Alexa in the past and I realized I have missed out the most basic tutorial here and that is how you can submit website to Alexa. Usually, Alexa pick a new domain itself but it’s always a good idea to submit your site yourself and claim your ownership. This way, you can add more details to your Website alexa profile and make it look more professional. There is always ...

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    My Top 5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

    March 18, 2012
    Thumbnail image for My Top 5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

    There are many ways, we as a blogger judge a site. Page rank, Alexa traffic rank, MozRank are some of the popular way. We have already talked about How to improve page rank and now its’ time for some Alexa love. Alexa.com is subsidiary of Amazon.com. It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed. If you are a blogger you must be knowing how Alexa ...

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    How To Set Goals For Your Blog To Achieve Success

    November 22, 2010

    Goals are essential to achieve success because they keep us focused and motivated. Without goals we would aimlessly go down the path of life without any direction, ambition, or hope. Goals are not only something we aim to achieve, but are also markers that let us know we are doing the right things to get ourselves to places we want to be.  Setting goals into blogging is more important to become a successful blogger.  Let’s ...

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    How Does Alexa Rankings Work?

    September 8, 2010

    Recently, there was a guest post by Rahul Gupta – Alexa never shows actual traffic rank. The post explained that Alexa ranking does not show actual rank. I agree with that point, but the working of Alexa is not like Rahul explained. So, today I am going explain the correct working of Alexa Rankings via this post. What Is Alexa Traffic Rank? Alexa Traffic Rank is traffic rank of a site. The traffic rank is ...

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