ShoutMeLoud September 2014 Blog Income Report And Updates

Hey Shouter, This is our monthly series of ShoutMeLoud monthly income and traffic stats report where I will be sharing important details which will give you more insight about how I make money with ShoutMeLoud. Along with that you will also learn valuable information which will help you to improve your blog. September was an exciting month for me as I started working on few new things, I specifically worked on improving the overall traffic and quality of our blog network. In this roundup posts I will be sharing what all happened in last month and at the (72 comments)

WP Engine Affiliate Program: Overview and Details

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I keep sharing secrets to make huge money from your blog, and one of the most successful way for me so far is affiliate marketing. In simple word, you recommend a good reliable product to your readers, and in return you earn a handsome commission out of. Earlier, I have talked about Hostgator affiliate program, and Dreamhost affiliate program which pays $50 and $97 respectively per sale. Webhosting niche is one of the most lucrative industry for affiliate marketer, as there is always a demand for good and reliable hosting, and (15 comments)

Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense ?

I have talked a lot about Google AdSense in the past, and I have also recommended AdSense as one of the best contextual ad networks for your blog. With the quality of ads and a safe recurring income, AdSense is one of the safest blog monetization networks available to bloggers today. But, what happens to people whose AdSense accounts are banned or to one who is finding it difficult to get an AdSense account approved? Is that the end of  making money via blogging for them? In this article, I will be sharing how having your AdSense account banned or (83 comments)

MyThemeShop Theme Affiliate Program Details & Overview

In my earlier posts, I have covered various successful affiliate programs that you can sign-up and make money out of it. Today I will be sharing about MyThemeShop affiliate program for bloggers. MythemeShop is a WordPress theme marketplace that offers free and premium WordPress theme. Before I get into details of their affiliate program, here are few of those aff. Programs which you should also see: Dreamhost Affiliate program : Make $97/sale WpEngine Hosting Affiliate program : Make $150/sale Hostgator Affiliate program : Earn $50/sale You (12 comments)

A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earnings For Inspiration : $80410

In a previous post I shared a detailed report of my 4 year AdSense earnings, and one of the Shouters suggested that I do a similar post for affiliate marketing income, and it made sense to me that I should share such a report with my readers. Prior to earning income from AdSense, my initial earnings came from the Dreamhost affiliate program, where I earned my first $47 as affiliate income, and that was a considerable amount at that point in time. The funny thing is that when I started blogging I had no idea what AdSense or affiliate marketing were, (57 comments)