WordPress Plugin to let Users Subscribe to Blog Comments

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WordPress Plugin to let Users Subscribe to Blog Comments

WordPress is really amazing with it’s number of plugins and by the end you will be able to get maximum things done using plugins. We have already talked about important of subscriber over traffic and commenting is an important part of Blogging. Usually it’s comment which helps in make blog more credible and add more information to the post. How about you give an offer to your readers to subscribe to comments, so that they keep getting notified when some one post a new comment.

Subscribe to Comment plugin for WordPress:

Here I’m talking about one useful plugin which will add a check box at the end of comment form and a commentator can always check it and subscribe to comment updates. This is something an essential part of any blog I highly recommend you to implement this or similar plugins on your blog.

We have already covered essential wordpress plugin that you should have on your blog. Some of them are :

Subscribe to Comment is a wordpress plugin which give your commentator to monitor any post discussion by subscribing to it. Specially for people who love to comment and try to make it a nice discussion platform for them this plugin is a life saver.

Subscribe to comment wordpress plugin give your commentator to subscribe or unsubscribe to any post comment. The process is simple, they click on the Notify me follow-up comment via Email and after their comment, they will be notified whenever someone will add more value to blog post by commenting.

Subscribe To Comments

Download plugin

There is another similar plugin call subscribe to comments reloaded, which boast about advance features but I have not tried it. It offers many advance option like you can edit the look and feel of messages. You can disable and enable subscription on particular post. You can get this plugin from here. I also suggest you to try JetPack plugin, which adds a checkbox below comment form, where readers can subscribe to blog update by checking the box.

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  1. Divyanshi says

    Hello Harsh…
    Using the Notification Method is quiet handy to keep the visitors in touch. I mean, I wonder what would be the situation if there was option for this. SICK!!!!! Unfortunately I’ve been moved up to Blogger and using Disqus from a couple of weeks. This might be the most perfect commenting system present now to me. Just stopped by on your blog for dropping some point of view of mine. Hope you will agree. Thanks, and of course keep posting.

  2. Henry Wood says

    Nice post! I am new to wordpress and creating a blog using wordpress. This plugin seems to be good. Now I am eager to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. nncy says

    keep it up harsh !!
    harsh I didn’t find any of your blog related to how to write plugins,about their templates & other stuff for newbies like me……….or may you suggest some tutorials or website….

    Thanks in advance

  4. Ana Goncalves says

    Best plugin to keep updated with the blog post entirely! This is one of the first plugins I installed on my blog.
    Your articles are prooving very helpful, thank you. :)

  5. Paritosh says

    I am using this plugin for a long time now but i have a problem, i can’t make the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” section checked by default. Any suggestions for doing so ??

    • Ari Herzog says

      Late to this discussion but not late to other people reading it. Please don’t auto-check subscription boxes, for sometimes I want to leave a comment and not care to see replies.

  6. Paritosh says

    @George Adding to your point, it also encourages readers interaction alongwith increased visitors.

  7. George Serradinho says

    This is a must for blogs as you will never know when someone has left a comment on a post after you that you really want to know more about. This helps the author also know which posts are popular and have a conversation on.

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