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    Blogging is all about writing quality content but at the same time your post formatting makes a huge difference in terms of CTR. There are many ways to style WordPress post and pages content and in certain cases it’s a good idea to style your post. You can see an example in these two posts here at ShoutMeLoud:

    If you are using Thesis theme, you can use Thesis default feature to style your post. With Thesis you can customize your paragraph style using style boxes. These boxes can be applied using short codes or WordPress plugins. All you have to do is just add a class name to the paragraph and voila, your paragraph looks awesome with different colors and images. Even in Arthemia Premium, they provided a custom button to WordPress content editor or TinyMCE editor, where you can add style or info box to your paragraphs.

    The downside of these features in Thesis or Arthemia are, they’re limited to a few style boxes. Though you can add these style boxes without WordPress plugins, that requires CSS coding and uploading of images.

    Notice Boxes WordPress plugin:

    Notice boxes is one such free plugin in WordPress repo, which will make post styling piece of cake. The advantage of this plugin is there are plethora of style boxes for customization of your paragraph styles. You’ve the normal style boxes like Note, Alert, Important, Windows etc with images to the left. In addition to this, you’ve addition style boxes like Android, Google, Chat, Arrow, Refresh, Google Plus, Facebook, Angry Birds, Download etc. This gives multivariate opportunities to extend your creativity in styling your paragraphs and adding style boxes.

    notice boxes for paragraph style Style WordPress Post with Notice Boxes Plugin

    Specially for a technology blog, this plugin is very helpful in adding another level of style and look to your blog post. Also, this will help to make your post more scan-able.

    If you are using social media sites to drive traffic to your Website, post formatting and post styling are one of many reasons, which make user stick or leave your site. Blog design is one reason and another big factor, how easy it is to read your content and by styling your paragraph or highlighting important text in blog post, this will help you to lower down bounce rate and get more share.

    Usually, my idea of using this plugin is to highlight the important point of posts like download link or links which need better CTR. If you are a regular user of ShoutMeLoud, you might notice Harsh has been doing the same for long and as I mentioned above you can see an example above. Another advantage with this plugin is that there is an option to include images on both sides of the style box and center the text.  If you know CSS, you can always customize the plugin images or color of boxes according to your need and blog design.

    Download Notice boxes plugin

    Do let us know, what all methods do you use to style WordPress posts? And if there is any other similar plugin you have used, which helped in increasing the CTR of links, do let us know.

    This is a guest post by Karri from Windows7Port. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    I have used these Notice Boxes Plugin in my previous blog and forgot about this plugin for my new blog thank you for remembering me about this plugin.



    Is it same as the Thesis Style Box or different than that. One problem associated with the Thesis style Box in my blog is that when i use the Note class the Text and Icon management gets disturb………hope this won’t happen with this..gonna try it. Thank you for share.


    Shashank Johri

    i was looking for this plugin from past 2-3 days but this plugin is not working..i tried it what should i do..m using wordpress..plzzzzz help me..


    rakesh kumar

    This is really a nice plugin. It can seriously enhance user experience of your post. Still i love to have these facility in my theme. Mukund Srinivasan had written an article in your blog post related to “how to create ad stripe” for your own wordpress theme. That article given me a lots of ideas related to these type of boxes and now i am happy to use that.

    If programming is not your forte then this is a really great plugin. Thanks dear for sharing this plugin



    Useful plugin to make blog more attractive.. Thanks for sharing..



    It seems that plugin download link is not working. can you give exact download location!


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