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Net Disaster : Destroy Google or Any Internet Site

Net Disaster : Destroy Google or Any Internet Site

How many times you land on a page which shows that it will give you good information but by the end it’s just serve ads. To appreciate a page, we can always share it on Facebook or on Google+, but to hate a website there is no dislike button. At times, when I see such bogus site, I feel like smashing the site with a hammer but can I ever do that? ;)

Now in real may be, but there is a fun way which can be used by you to destroy any website on Internet. Or not page, you may open your angry boss picture or your math teacher who irritates you the most and smash and make their Faces disaster. Beforem I start talking about this tool, I would also suggest you to look into following posts:

Meet Net Disaster:

Netdisaster used to be one of the best online website to destroy websites online. Though, since April 2009, their online engine is down.  But we do have two versions:

You can download Net disaster desktop version from here and chrome addon from here. I have tried both the version and desktop version is really cool. You can select from lots of disaster and start doing funny stuff on any site. Look what I did to my personal blog:

Net Diaster effect

NetDisaster Chrome addon:

Even chrome addon of this fun tool is awesome. Once you have downloaded and install this addon (Link above), you can choose from various website disaster effect and start doing anything. Here I’m using NetDisaster to destroy Google:

Destroy Google

Here is a quick video which I have done using Netdisaster desktop version and also their chrome version. I’m sure this is one fun tool you would like to add into your list of cool tools.

There are so many options to attack and you will enjoy it. Go and enjoy destroying websites and do let us know which website you are planning to target now? :)

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