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    Stop WordPress Spam Registration with Sabre WordPress Plugin

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    These days almost every 1 out of 5 professional blog is offering guest posting and to automate the process most of them allow registration for everyone and one can submit post for review. Though this also created a problem for such blogs as spammers are using automated way to register and submit posts for review. In fact 2 weeks back I had almost 300+ registration in 48 hrs. at ShoutMeloud and almost 70 spam posts were submitted.

    So I had to stop the registration and that’s why you see less guest post in last month. Anyways, here is a Anti-registration spam plugin Call Sabre which is very useful to stop automated spam registration. Sabre plugin adds a captcha in the registrationform of your blog and you can set the complexity of captcha from settings page of Sabre. You can configure different settings from tools> Sabre under your WordPress dashboard.

    Sabresettings thumb Stop WordPress Spam Registration with Sabre WordPress Plugin So once I activated Spam captcha test, my registration form looks like:

    ShoutMeLoudregistrationform thumb Stop WordPress Spam Registration with Sabre WordPress Plugin


    More over my only purpose of installing Sabre plugin was to stop spam registration and from last 48 hours, I have not seen even a single spam registration. So this plugin is for all who are tired of spam bot registrations on your WordPress blog.  And also ShoutMeloud guest author program is back again and you can register here and submit your post for review.

    You can download the plugin from official WordPress plugin repo.

    In last 1 month I have seen almost 1500+ spam registration and I would like to know if you also faced any issue with spam bots registering on your WordPress blog? What measures did you took to fight against such WordPress bot registration?

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    I really had lots of problem with spam registrations and I installed captcha and It is Now gone …I think this plugin works great ..I have not tried but will do .Thanks for that..


    Sandeep Singh

    I have used Register Plus plugin to stop spam registration !



    I am getting too much registrations and i have to delete them . Now this plugin will surely help me .



    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for the awesome post about spam registration. It will really help me when I open registration on my blog.

    Thanks for the suggestion…



    Really nice piece of info mate. Thanks for sharing the new plugin



    Harsh you are right. Now a days people use automated registration for submitting spam post. I also faced similar problem with my health site where is got also 200 registration in single day, submitting spam post continuously , So i have installed plugin named: SI Captcha for registration which helped me a lot to reduce spam registration to my site. I think everyone, who allow guest posting should registration captcha for dealing with spam registration.



    Very useful plugin,though i don’t have so many registrations in my Blog….I would like to give a try…..thanks harsh for sharing this useful plugin


    KBharath @ HDBloggers

    This Plugin will be also useful for the Bloggers who is running a Article Directory Site Using Wordpress.


    ZK@ Web Marketing Tips

    Great plugin..I’ve been using it for almost 8 months now after it was recommended by one of my blogger friends :) …I have not got a single spam registration on my blog. Although the plugin is free, i would pay a price to have this one. If you run a multi-author blog, this is a must have.


    Praveen @ Geeks4share

    It was an irritating problem for me. Hope this plugin will put an end to it. Thanks for sharing :)



    Thanks for the great post Harsh. Same problem occurred for my blog also. More than 1000 posts are submitted in 4 days. I have used Register Plus previously. Installed Sabre now, Shud c how it works.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Yah I remember I saw your update on Facebook I guess. Do let us know if this plugin helped you or not.
    Make sure you enable Captcha challenge.


    Ahmad Badyari

    My blog only accept comments from registered users only . So I fount may spam registration and comments on my blog . This is useful for me



    Right now i dont offer guest post on my blog, but in future i will be need this plugin. Thanks harsh. :)


    Maninder @ HackTik.com

    Seems to be a nice plugin. Will try this out.



    Nice plug-in to prevent registration spam..going to check it out..



    Sadly, I’m not able to register at SML after this plugin has been installed I guess. It asks me to enter the password after filling in all fields and submitting.

    Can you pl have a look at the registration form?


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