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Songs.Pk : Pakistani Site to Download Hindi Songs Blocked

Songs.Pk : Pakistani Site to Download Hindi Songs Blocked

I’m sure those who download Hindi songs online, must have heard of This is one famous site and one of the popular site to download Hindi and Pakistani Songs. This site is hosted in Canadian servers and out of India and pakistani law. Though, before I share more information on rumors about songs-pk being a hacking site and many users from India ave been requesting to block Anyways, for the new user: let me talk about this site as a user perspective.

What is ? is a website for music lover. Here you will find all desi, hindi and pakistani music. Interesting thing is, this is a website where you will find all latest bollywood movie songs. Though needless to say, they all are pirated. Though the domain extension .pk (Pakistan), make sense that site is from pakistan but this site is hosted in over seas servers.

Should we not download songs or should we?

Download hindi songs Alright, here is a controversy which was brought in notice by Rediff-news.  Though, some how it’s hard to believe the way this site is bashed but anyhow, I will do my research and will let you decide if we should download hindi songs or any other songs from songs-pk or not.

I probably never wanted to cover an article which consist of anything related to India and Pakistan hatred because I have so many blogger friends from Pakistan and the matter of the fact is despite of political differences there is no difference between us.

Though this news is for public awareness so that people can safeguard themselves from any mis happening.

According to Reddif news this site is being used by Pakistani hackers to inject malware & viruses on user computer. Specially, the way Cyber-war between India & pakistan is increasing, denying this fact could be completely out of the matter. For the record, more than 12 Lacks Indian users are downloading songs from on the daily basis.

Though Cyber war between India and Pakistan are not old. In 2007-2008 hackers from Pakistan targeted many Indian orkut communities and Indian hackers targeted major Pakistan orkut communities.

I checked the site virus status on Macafee site advisor, and it shows that site is virus free site and there was no trace of any kind of spam or stuff, which can infect user computer. Here is a screenshot of the report: Virus report

Well, on the ground of virus and hacking claim, site seems to be clean and there is no known issues find. I will continue the test with WOT and other such sites soon. Norton site, shows the site is suspicious and users rating is moderate or I would say below trustable, You can find ownership detail for this site here. Blocked in India by all ISP’s

This might be bad news for people who have been streaming Bollywood songs on this site. As is blocked in India after high-court order. Three music companies including Indian music Industry (IMI), fiels a lawsuit against this site and later on court order all major ISP’s in India has been asked to block

There are many alternate sites t download bollywood songs, as most of them don’t directly host files on their servers and use file sharing sites,which you can use to download hindi songs, but the best way is to use hindi torrent sites. Though, if you still need to unblock, you can always use proxy sites or software’s like Ultra Surf.

What other sites you would recommend in alternative to this site and are you going to unblock or you going to find another way for yourself?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1097 articles.

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  • Gyanesh Kamal

    you download songs from by downloading a software called hotspot shield after installing it connect hotspot shield then open

  • Ronak

    Another alternative for is
    Now I always download songs from there!!


    hi guyz i just want all you guyz to know if you want a website for streaming live music you hav to take licence from (iprs) worth rs 30 lacs so screw it and enjoy free music via, there are lots of website , google shows more than a million result if you type bollywood music 99.9% of sites in result are illegal. so, enjoy

  • Abhra

    Guys … ‘’ is back with a new name, try this –

    For music lovers, good news … and for music industry, very bad news!

  • Sandeep Yadav

    Now more blocking, i means start again using another domain and not it is very easy to access all over the India without any blocking. Domain registration of new domain on same persona which was on I think music pricey never will stop :(

  • Ramesh

    The latest detaisl of is as follows
    IP address:
    Server Location:
    Hösting, Jihomoravsky Kraj in Czech Republic
    Master Internet s.r.o.

    Now..they keep shifting the ISP so that they dont get caught.

  • Saurabh

    Hii, I am from India and i give it a more logial view. If had been hosted to cause any damage to Indian internet users thn the hacker must have named it with some other universal extension thn .pk. well, the other point of view is that if the website is hosted just for business purpose & not for hacking why does it carry & focus only n only on Indian Songs to attract indian users.

  • Rahul

    I am also using this site from many years. but as everybody knows that in pakistan security of servers is very week. So someone can hack their servers and spread virus all over the users of this site.

    I am also very impressed with . this website have large list of old and new songs and this website provides songs before than and yes this website is not pakistani so there is no security issue with servers.

  • vipul

    can anyone tell d name of atleast one Indian site from which we can download songs for free

  • Shounak Katyayan

    Really nice information from you guys!
    But has anyone ever thought how much revenue is earned from the sites such as “”. Though the site has been ‘certified’ and may be ‘virus free’ no one knows who its owner is or where the money earned from the site is used. No one can tell if it is not being used for any terrorist activities. So think a bit and like me and lot of others stop using sites such as We can have our very own Indian ones. Be Indian buy from an Indian.

  • Muhammad Usman Butt

    Nice Article.
    I wana ask a question From All You is it not illegal to put songs on net for free without permission/copyrights.
    And if some one want to purchase then how he can buy these copyrights.

  • manoj

    guys is a server situted in dallas in united states and i think we cant disrupt the site unnessasarily its a very good site which provides lovely music which is absolutely free so untill any official ethical network security personeell asks to beware of the site untill that tym dnt spread the romour it decrements the reputation of the site and the owner whoz givin us free music is goin to be nuts so wait untill the truth is revealed k give certain complaints and they will respond

  • Ritayan B is just another version of I don’t know whether these folks publicising this site are doing it for pupose or not, downloading songs from this website is as good(??) and safe(??) as downloading songs from

  • Kalpana is the site of some person who has and many other websites the attack material is not there permanently the put it when when needed they were using for this purpose but Noton Safeweb has rated it infected permanantly so now they brought this in front line, including norton safeweb every scanner has schedule to scan sites so if you remove that malicious material from your web before scanning you will never caught but once you get caught like it will scan you almost every hour, so its up to you that how much risk you can survive thanks,

    you can check which also open as pop up on

  • AZulfi

    Though its true that Cyber war b/w Pakistan and India is going since IT industry grown in both countries. but still i think its not more then just a propaganda. I am using for i think more than 2years now. and never have any problem except too many popups.

    If the Ministry think that the site has some anti-indian stuff on them they can make complains to the Authority…

    here are some links where ppl can complain

    FIA Govt of Pakistan –
    Internet Crime Complaint center –
    Online Fraud Reporting Website –

    In todays age nothing is impossible. If the complains have proofs i m sure authority(international, if not Pakistani) can block this site.

    • P@r@noid

      @ Azulfi
      I love your Insight about it and even I never faced any issues with except lots of adverts but the quality of songs they provide , adverts are justified.

      Though if they use it for malicious act it is very alarming for everyone.


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