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SpyPig : Receive Read Receipt Confirmation for Emails

SpyPig : Receive Read Receipt Confirmation for Emails

Some time it’s important to track Emails and services like Spypig comes very handy. In online world, most of the time we talk over Email. The biggest problem is people always complain and say they never received the Email or Email landed into Spam folder. Sometime it’s genuine issue but many time it’s just an excuse.

The best way to find who is cheating on you, you might like to get a confirmation receipt when your Email is read  by the receiver. Here I’m talking about a very useful free web service which help you to send a read receipt when receiver open the Email.

Spypig is an online and free web service which offers read receipt confirmation for Emails. This is not an Email sending service ut you will be adding a small tracking code (Image) in your Email and when ever receiver open your Emails, you will get notification for the same,

How to use SpyPig?

Using Spy Pig is very simple, all you need to do is follow 1-2-3 step . Go to Spypig site and type your Email address and Subject.


Select the image which you want to use. You need to copy and paste that image along with your Email to the Email you wish to track. Make sure you copy it within 60 seconds.

Read receipt confirmation:

Once receiver will open your Email, you will get instant notification for the same. Here is a screenshot for the same:

read-receipt-confirmation This service is something which is going to be very handy to know who is lying or your Email is seriously landing into spam folder or receiver never opened your Email. One thing, which I suggest is send a test Email to your self to make sure you are adding Spy pig Email tracking code properly.

If you are some looking for Spypig alternatives are:, You might be interested to check out some  Free disposable Email services. Do let us know more such online service which offers free email tracking service. Do you think you going to use this service sometime in future?

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  • Carol

    Thanks for introduce the great service. You may try the free service from too..

  • Anubhab

    Great thing. But Harsh does it asks for permissions from the user before sending the tracking details. Because In Outlook it does send so I know.

  • FirstHosting

    I use this site earlier, but the bad thing is that the image needed to be loaded, and if reader of site dont allow to show content, then you will not be recieving confirmation email. :(


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