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    Sold ShoutMeLoud.Com for 8000$ to SocialTechInclusive

    By in Shoutmeloud

    Bluehost hosting

    Hey guys here is a news for shoutmelouod readers. Its been one month that I left my regular job for professional blogging.

    I was making quite good money with the blog, but somehow I was unable to take it to 1000$ per month mark.   You can read about my revenue generation for the month of February here.

    At this stage of life I can’t keep more patience. So I’m sold shoutmeloud to socialtechinclusive, a social media and tech firm from Las Vegas.

    Actually after many of my articles made front pages of Digg and reddit and the website has an alexa rank of less than 50K. They were very much interested to buying this blog.

    They offered me to buy shoutmeloud almost 2 month’s back after seeing few articles related to social media,

    which goes viral evharshagrawal thumb Sold ShoutMeLoud.Com for 8000$ to SocialTechInclusiveery where.

    Though selling shoutmeloud was a tough decision for me, as I have almost 400+ posts here and I’m strongly connected to you all.

    Though this is not the end, I will be starting a chain of blog after 2 months of my trip to Thailand.

    I will make sure everyone of you will be a part of my new blog chain. I will make it revenue sharing blog so that everyone of you will be a part of profit.

    What I’m going to do with 8000$?

    Right now I don’t have much idea apart from my trip to Thailand. My girlfriend is from Thailand and it’s been ages that I have seen her. Probably this will be a great surprise for her icon smile Sold ShoutMeLoud.Com for 8000$ to SocialTechInclusive .

    Wish me luck for future.

    What you can expect from shoutmeloud for now?

    Though I will be handing over complete rights to this blog to Socialtechinclusive by the next month (May, 2009), and as I mentioned I have almost 60+ draft with me, which is strictly dedicated to making money online.

    Most of the articles are related to affiliate marketing and adsense optimization tips, followed by wordpress hacks and lots of SEO tips.

    Actually I though I will post them one by one, but now we have only 33 days, so after a week I will be scheduling 7 posts a day till next 27 days so that you don’t miss any footprint to start your career with blogging.

    Meanwhile I will be giving my Dreamhost hosting for free, after a quiz contest. Which is locked for next 2 years. So that means you will be getting gift for 220$ for free.

    To stay tuned and more update on this, on my twitter profile @denharsh.

    Special thanks to Pavan Kumar, Raju, Rahul bansal, Gagan, Himanshu, Deb, shashank, Nicholas, Arpit, Honeytech, Sita, Nitesh patel, Mnvamsi, phaoloo, Stratos, pcs, Aaron, JDruker, Altaf and many more.

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    Great! Best wishes for future (& Thailand trip)




    This is a happy/sad thing to hear. I am really glad that you made that much money in so little time. On the other hand we’ll miss you buddy. But hey! Spend each penny of those well earned money and have fun in Thailand! Drink a soda or something for all your loyal readers out here! See you around ;)



    Hey buddy congrats and wish you best of luck.
    Do enjoy the sea food @thailand.
    Looking forward for your blog posts and free hosting give away :)


    Susan (BuzzEdition)

    I will miss you so much dear! I hate to think all of this hard work will end. But I know you’ll come back stronger than ever. Have fun in Thailand!



    Its a shocking news for the readers of Shoutmeloud, i got attached to Shoutmeloud in a way that after starting my laptop,the first website i open is Shoutmeloud ,i love to open Shoutmeloud to find a new tip regarding blogging, i don’t know why Harsh have taken this step but i am expecting something very big from him.
    Best wishes and regards to the author.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Himanshu
    I will make sure the matter which I will share in coming 30 days, that will be great and based on research.
    You will see almost 400+ post in these 30 days and most of them are based on research..
    Thanks and glad that you love shoutmeloud this much :)



    Hey Harsh,

    I am shocked to hear this. How can you leave your readers like this. You should have told us earlier. Its really a sad news for all the readers of ShoutMeLoud.

    I’ll really miss you and your suggestions on all the topics you gave me.

    Good Bye Harsh.
    Best of luck for your future.

    But : I thing I know is, its April fools day tomorrow. Hope you aren’t playing any pranks with us. :d


    Praval Singh

    Good luck mate!

    May god bless you and your girl.




    I have a feeling Gagan is right. I will come back and comment again tomorrow!



    I can’t believe so many people felt for this…



    Hey I’ll sure you that its a prank



    WOW.. Where did this come from?

    Anyways.. All the best and Enjoy well.. See you in your next blog..

    and If it is an April Fool joke.. No problem.. I am Game :D


    Honey Singh

    Is this an april fool joke? :)
    I really don’t heard about “Socialtechinclusive”
    zero results in google search. :P
    Anyways you touched the emotions of your readers. :P


    Rahul Bindal

    Wow!!! Well first I must congratulate you and wish you really great success in coming life.
    Well harsh I recently started reading your blog and really interesting and worthy to read.

    I wish in future as well I can follow up your post¦.I remembered something…Actually one ad of Hutch¦.we will follow you 

    Once again good luck to you and have a safe and wonderful trip to Thailand.

    Rahul Bindal



    Hey, stop fooling now. :P


    Ravi Sagar

    Cool money that you made from the blog.



    wow !! $8000 is not less amount !! you are giving surprise to your girlfriend by visiting !! abe post kar diya to surprise kya ??

    any ways happy Fools day To you !!



    I smell something wrong !! Whats 2morrows date ? :)



    Hey bro ! Nice work done, keep it up… and have a very refreshing trip, best of luck.



    Good luck man, you have done great job starting this blog.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Hari.


    Karan Batra

    Dude, glad to hear that you’ve sold your website..
    Go and enjoy with those $8000 and remember NOT to pay any taxes on this amount



    Just noticed my mistake. OK …. I am fool – the first fool, who believed this news ;)



    God damn! I can believe in you that you playing a prank with us :D

    Ohh.. snap!

    P.S. was a good one though, I believed in you for a sec hehe



    @ Gagan and Raju

    But I’m sure that its a april fool prank !!!! :D



    Oh Harsh just read your another post of april fool pranks….. You have done a wonderful job by implementing this method to your blog…. all were just talking about april fool pranks but no one was using it !!!



    Harsh Agrawal

    @ Simran
    I’m sure many of us will come with crazy ideas next year and don’t forget we are still left with more then 18 hours to end 1st April.



    oh my god i really get shocked yaarr….!!!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Welcome to my list of April Fool Friends :)

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