Stuck! What to Write for your Next Blog Post? Try Socio-Fantasy Blogging

Next blog post ideaEvery blogger in their blogging journey goes through a phase where he/she is out of ideas for their next blog post which is usually called as writers block. As a blogger there are many times when they simply struggle on how to keep their blog moving with some interesting stuff. Every time bloggers cant write an epic content or 2500+ words articles. Some bloggers might have already gained some good following in the blogosphere and people will be waiting for what they are going to post next. Most of the time people expect new articles from bloggers which do not exist previously over net.

These days there is a huge rise of bloggers and in them 85% of them just re-write articles which are already written or just copy paste the entire article by changing its title. So there is urgency for bloggers to bring out some unique content which does create some buzz. But the fact is that many bloggers are facing a dry situation regarding their next blog post. So, here I come to give an idea on how to move about and quench the thirst of your regular visitors. I have coined a new term called socio-fantasy blogging which does help you in bringing a unique and new style of articles.

What is Socio-fantasy Blogging?

It’s very simple have you seen Harry Potter, Spiderman, Superman series etc. These are all called socio-fantasy movies and similarly when you write a blog post in comparison with these movies or in comparison with stuff which doesn’t exist is called socio-fantasy blogging. I also don’t want to confine socio-fantasy blogging with some supernatural characters but you can also relate your post with a college lesson, theory, or things you have learn from Mahathma Gandhi, Guy Kawasaki etc. In simple relating two unrelated things is called socio-fantasy blogging. You have to tap into your imaginary world and bring out connection between some unrelated things which we usually called as fantasy and when you bring your imagination into your blog post we can simply call it as socio-fantasy blogging. There are many such soci0-fantasy blog posts in ShoutmeLoud.

Examples of Socio-Fantasy Blog posts in SML are as Follows:

How to write a Socio-Fantasy Blog post:

Choose your subject:

First and foremost thing to do is choose your subject, I mean what are you going to write the topic on and to what you will be relating it to. For example in “Four Fantastic people to check your Entrepreneur Journey” article “entrepreneurship” is being connected to “fantastic four” movie. Similarly In “Newton’s Law of Blogging” Blogging is being connected with Newton’s laws. So think of some movie, some phenomenon, some game show, some great personality and at the same time choose your topics like SEO, blogging, making money, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship etc.

Relate the subject:

Once you get an idea on the subject then start relating them. As we have recently celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi let me give an example on relating blogging lessons one can learn from Mahatma Gandhi. First get a complete idea on some interesting facts of Mahatma Gandhi. He was a strong believer of Truth, Ahimsa (Non Violence), great leader, etc. Now relate those characters with blogging, take the first trait “Truth” and say as a blogger we need to give true and real facts rather than giving wrong information. Many people show fake income reports for gaining popularity which is not good for a blogger. Now take the second trait “Ahimsa”, tell as a blogger we should never hurt the feelings of any other blogger or a person. We should always try to mention positive facts of others when we have to include them in our blog post. Next take the third character “Great leader” tell as Gandhi always lead many movements by staying in the front as a blogger you too need to show some good leadership qualities when you are heading a team of bloggers so on and so forth. This is how you can relate the two different subjects into a single article.

Develop the article:

After you have related the two topics now develop the article by framing a proper title.

Next write a good introduction, give proper side headings and write some good content in each of them and write a good and effective conclusion for your blog post.

Publish & promote it:

Now after you finish writing your article all you need to do is proof read your article. Give internal links where ever necessary and also give recommended reading links if you have any.

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Now what are you waiting for hit publish and promote it in your social networking sites like G+, Facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon etc. Create your newsletter and send it to your subscribers. That’s it a new and unique article is ready at your blog which is not present anywhere over the net.

Socio-fantasy articles are not search engine friendly like most of the articles. People won’t search for blogging tips to learn from Spiderman or designing tips to learn from Batman or so. This type of blogging is suitable when you have good social following and traffic which always looks forward to read something new from you. So posts of such can be written once you have a regular readership and some good social following else no one would read such articles. You can also write such articles as a guest post in some popular blogs like our SML and also gain applause for your writing. So are you interested in writing a socio-fantasy blog post?

This is a guest post by Vijesh from Mobiada. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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    He Vijesh,

    Great post (Y) had no idea of what to post next. Even though i have a technology blog, but still some ” Hatke” things are what makes our blog unique. So thanks for this Socio-Fantasy article :)

    • says

      Thank you Tashreef for your comment, its true that some unique posts or sometimes even some controversial posts can create buzz in the blogosphere.